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Anti Pop at Club Firestone

Published: Friday, November 21, 2008

Updated: Sunday, February 15, 2009 16:02

Saturday night (night three) of the AntiPop Festival was a holiday extravaganza, if you happened to be at Club Firestone. Enormous inflatable snowmen flanked both sides of the stage, offering an interesting contrast to the punk rockers in attendance for Tooth and the Enamels, Suburban Legends and the Aquabats.

Local punks Tooth and the Enamels were one of the opening acts, dressed in full-body spandex jumpsuits. Despite the frightening appearance, the Enamels managed to get a circle pit going during their set. Songs like "I Will Skate," and "Leatherface" were fast and frantic, giving a big nod to old school punk like Bad Brains.

Before playing their last tune, lead singer Tooth announced their drummer Rob currently has 18 cavities, and the band has a forthcoming album titled Tooth and the Enamels vs. The Army of Darkness.

Suburban Legends followed Tooth and the Enamels, brandishing a combination of pop and ska elements. The lead singer and horn players displayed some rehearsed choreography on a few tunes.

Overall, Suburban Legends had incredibly catchy tracks, like "All Around the World." The Latin-fused horns and driving funk groove in the rhythm section had the whole floor dancing, especially during the incredibly phallic guitar solo.

The straight party song, "Hey DJ" (how many other bands/artists have songs with this same title?), required audience participation. During the bridge, the band slowed down, and let the club sing the ending chorus.

However, the real reason why Club Firestone was packed-out on Saturday had to do with the headlining band for the night: The Aquabats. Kicking the night off with a zany video, and the insanely fun song "Fashion Zombies," the Aquabats' Hooray for the Holidays! Show was off to a good start.

Lead singer MC Bat Commander said it had been three years since the Bats were last in Florida, and he had been eating Monte Cristo sandwiches daily leading up to their return. He later commented on experiencing stomach problems caused by a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

The Bats treated fans to one song never before performed live, "The World Sea," following up with a crowd favorite, "Super Rad."

The Aquabats took a commercial break midway through the set; the advertisement was for an Aquabat hovercraft. Apparently, it will be on sale this holiday season, and could make a great gift for kids.

Returning to the stage after the commercial, the Bats played "CD Repo Man" and "Pizza Day," and that's right about when things started going wrong.

MC Bat Commander collapsed due to abdominal pains, and the Evil White Buffalo appeared on stage; supposedly, this Buffalo poisoned the Commander's cheese in the Quarter Pounder he ate earlier. The Commander lay motionless, and the White Buffalo demanded the Aquabats stop the show, or the Commander would surely die.

Keyboardist Jimmy the Robot thought quickly, and told the audience to chant "Aquabats!" as loud as they could; that would bring the Commander back to life. Within seconds, the entire room was shaking with the "Aquabats!" chant. MC Bat Commander slowly began to stir, and eventually returned to his feet, at which point he defeated the Evil White Buffalo.

MC Bat Commander called for a song of celebration, and the band burst into "Pool Party," and beach balls were thrown throughout the crowd.

The Bats later exited the stage with a video of them riding away on horses shooting guns; soon they heard the kids at the show chanting "Aquabats!", and they were compelled to return for an encore.

After the second song in the encore, the bright house lights came on, signaling the end of the show. The Aquabats ended on a raucous note, and closed one of the most fun shows at AntiPop yet.

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