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Student support for UCF remains abysmal

Published: Thursday, September 13, 2007

Updated: Sunday, February 15, 2009 17:02

The UCF Football team is going to play its first game in Bright House Networks Stadium tomorrow in what might be the biggest game ever in UCF history.

That's great. And it has the potential to be even better if the stadium is packed with UCF students and fans. It's just too bad that will probably never happen.

UCF will be using a lottery system to allot student tickets for home games, but the early results show that it doesn't work.

Assistant athletic director Joe Hornstein said that every application for a ticket was fulfilled

It's not a lottery if everyone wins.

For tomorrow's game against Texas, UCF couldn't give enough tickets away. Of the about 8,000 student tickets allotted for the lottery, only 7,636 were applied for.

That is completely unacceptable.

Unless the amount of "lottery" tickets is changed for the remaining home games, UCF athletics should plan on having significantly more than 360 tickets to give away to its staff.

UCF will be playing the No. 6 Longhorns on Saturday, and there were unclaimed student tickets.

I am not sure that has sunk in.

Against the national champions of 2005, a campus of 45,000 students could not claim 8,000 tickets.

This is what is wrong with having a national powerhouse come into Orlando to play. UCF fans, as a whole, just don't care.

Do you think there would be any available seats if this game were in Austin, Texas? Absolutely not.

Just wait until next year, when the game is in Texas, and the entire stadium will be filled.

And color coordinated.

It turns out that UCF fans can't even seem to decide what color to wear to the game tomorrow.

Penn State can get 110,000 fans to "white out" Beaver Stadium, but UCF fans can't even decide what color to wear to a student section that they can't even fill.

What could be worse is that UCF might not lose this game.

The Knights pulled out a win in Raleigh, N.C., against the N.C. State Wolfpack on Sept. 1.

Don't worry that the Wolfpack are pretty much atrocious. It was a season-opening win on the road against an Atlantic Coast Conference team.

Now the Knights come home as only 19-point underdogs, and we can't even fill the stadium.

I remember reading about and being part of conversations regarding the nature of the UCF lottery system, and how it wouldn't get tickets to all those who wanted them.

It turns out that the exact opposite is the case.

UCF should not give away any more tickets, because fans just don't care. Make them pay for it; make them show their dedication.

People, most likely not UCF students, are willing to pay more than $100 for a ticket to this game, the least students can do is show some sort of respect for their football team.

But they can't.

UCF has an impressive on-campus stadium, but I don't know if it needs one.

Please prove me wrong.

Show up for Memphis; show up for Louisiana-Lafayette. Or Tulsa, Marshall, or UTEP.

It doesn't matter what color you wear, just show up.

This is the beginning of a new era of UCF athletics.

We have a competitive football team, a streaking volleyball team, some of the best soccer teams in Conference USA, if not in the country, and a men's basketball team that was a Morris Almond shot away from reaching the semifinals of the C-USA Championship last season.

There is no reason that there should be an empty seat at any event, let alone the largest one ever held on campus.

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Fri Oct 29 2010 15:49
Seems like the last poster is a bitter staffer of the Future.
Fri Oct 29 2010 14:19
Glad to see the commenters on the CFF site are still a bunch of worthless morons.

Just to clear this up:

First, Padrick was not fired. Obviously. I'm fairly confident he wouldn't still be in the staff box of the paper if he had been fired. Let's use some common sense here.

Second, I have no idea why the discussion about him being from USF is still going on after several years. Look him up on ecommunity. Use some resources. Again, I'm pretty sure the paper, which requires writers and editors be students enrolled in classes at UCF, wouldn't let a USF student be a copy editor.

Third, Why is this even an ongoing discussion? The story is THREE YEARS OLD. And you know what? Attendance at football games still sucks. Because students at this school spend more time trolling the internet and posting made-up information than actually doing anything useful.

Go drink some more Natty, bro.

Fri Oct 29 2010 10:55
Everything you just said is untrue. Padrick still works for the paper. Look at the contact info.
Thu Oct 28 2010 20:59
No, they canned him after he sucked for so long.

He wasn't even a UCF student.

Wed Oct 27 2010 17:34
Sorry to burst your bubble, but he wasn't fired. He just left on his own after being sports editor for a long time. Want to know the funny thing? With 56,000 students, they still can't fill up Bright House Networks Stadium, go figure.
Wed Oct 27 2010 17:06
I'm glad this USF moron was fired.

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