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Haunted Knight event gives tricks and treats

Published: Thursday, October 30, 2008

Updated: Sunday, February 15, 2009 16:02

Spooky music and blood chilling screams did little to scare the crowd away from Memory Mall Wednesday night - in fact, it's what lured them there in the first place. The line grew long as students dared to enter Haunted Knight, a haunted house created by the Campus Activities Board.

"I'm keeping an open mind about this, hoping it'll be awesome," junior Phillip Restall said as he waited to enter. The score from Halloween played in the background while fog streamed over tombstones displaying creepy epitaphs, an indicator of what was to come once inside the tent.

Still, Restall was easygoing and guessed what would be waiting for him around the corner.

"There is going to be hidden people, things that might jump out at you - cheesy, easy scares," Restall said.

Senior Ricardo Scuotto had a similar idea of what was to come.

"They are going to disorient us with flashing lights," Scuotto said.

And both men were right.

Strobe lights flashed in the darkness as blood-covered characters jumped at students from every angle. Once free from their screams of torment and pleas for help, students met a reporter who took them on an investigation of a gruesome murder. Severed limbs and decapitated heads hung from the ceiling and Saw played in the background as more of the undead emerged from the darkness.

"We wanted to do something around movies," said Kim Gordon, CAB Special Events Director, "something similar to what you'd see at Halloween Horror Nights."

This is the second time CAB has presented Haunted Knight, although two years ago it took place at the Arboretum and was called Haunted Arboretum.

Gordon said it took about three months to coordinate the events and find actors willing to scare students.

"They got me a couple of times," said freshman Amanda Castro. "They popped out of nowhere." Castro came to the haunted house with her two friends, Christina Gibbs and Melissa Landy, both freshmen.

Gibbs has been to Halloween Horror Nights and said this haunted house was similar to those at Universal.

"They did a pretty good job of mimicking what they did," Gibbs said.

Landy was also impressed with the scare factor.

"I get scared really easily, so this pretty much did it for me," Landy said.

But others weren't as easily frightened. After walking through the house, Restall was left a bit unimpressed.

"It's awesome that they tried, but it seems like if they planned a little more it could have been really creepy," Restall said. "But I understand budget is an issue."

Still, most students enjoyed the free thrills and free candy and said they would definitely attend again - and even help out, if CAB presented Haunted Knight next year.

"I'd go or help out," Gibbs said. "Seems like fun."

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