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Art-inspired rock band defies definition

Contributing Writer

Published: Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 20:06


Josh Given/Central Florida Future

Bellows guitarist Greyson Charnock, top left, a senior art major


Josh Given/Central Florida Future

Drummer Alex Stringfellow, a senior psychology major

Scattered with paintings, found art, musical instruments and a medley of recording equipment, the home of the experimental rock duo known as Bellows more closely resembles a rugged art studio than a simple suburban house.

The living room, doubling as both a makeshift recording studio and a cozy venue during house parties, is decked out with artwork, plastic trees and fake sculpted busts – evidence of Alex Stringfellow and Greyson Charnock's overtly creative lifestyle.

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"We want it to be a music and an art experience, where you have stuff to not only listen to, but to look at and maybe ponder," said Charnock, a senior fine arts major, about the band's visual element.

The two housemates formed Bellows last November after years of playing music together. The result has been a steady flow of recording sessions and gigs booked at local venues such as Pulse, World of Beer and BackBooth.

"At the back half of the school year, we were going crazy, playing tons of shows. We've played with some pretty cool bands so far," Charnock said, citing a show with Awesome New Republic, a two-piece band from Miami.

Bellows' music is difficult to assign to any specific genre and features a variety of instruments from their collection. They call it "experimental folk" or, simply, "a breed of rock n' roll."

"We only classify it if we have to," said Stringfellow, a UCF alumnus.

"Alex has a synth next to him at all times, and a harmonica and vocals," Charnock said about their live shows. "We have a lot of stuff going on."

Senior construction engineering major Jacob Morgan, a close friend and fan of the band, feels their music is more "rock-electronica."

"When they play live they bring good energy to the venue, play passionately and genuinely enjoy their time entertaining," Morgan said. "I like the fact that they play a two-man show, but create the sound of full band."

Morgan believes the band has had good success up to now and might be well on their way to something substantial.

Bellows say they will focus more on recording and fine-tuning in the coming months.

"I think the recordings that we are going to get from home are going to be even better than the ones we got from the studio," said Charnock, referring to earlier tracks recorded at FlatFoot Records at Valencia Community College.

"Doing it here, we can come up with an idea and then go for it," he explained.

The duo plans to release a new single on the 26th of every month, starting with "Cat Got Your Tongue" in June. Bellows can be followed online at

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