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Daniel Tosh: From Lake Claire to Comedy Central

Published: Sunday, November 8, 2009

Updated: Sunday, November 8, 2009 18:11

It was sometime around 1995 when Daniel Tosh, living in the Lake Claire Apartments, walked outside his dorm and told his friend: "Man, I am not going to get a job."

It's a worry most of us are going to face at some point in the next couple of years, and unfortunately, our worries may be right. In Tosh's case, he was only half right.

Tosh, a former marketing major at UCF, did end up getting a job — it just happened to be in standup comedy.

Almost 13 years after graduation, Tosh has moved on to host his own Comedy Central show, Tosh.0, and  is returning to UCF on Tuesday night to perform at Homecoming Comedy Knight at the Arena.

Central Florida Future: So is this your first scheduled trip back?

Daniel Tosh: No, I actually played UCF a couple times very young in my career. But then I've taken a massive break from performing anywhere in Central Florida. It's probably been seven or so years since I've done anything there. I hate performing in Central Florida because all my friends and family live there and I can't stand that. I'm sure there'll be a lot of family there. I don't need their condescending laughter.

CFF: Tell me a little bit about your time at UCF… you graduated in the mid-90s, right?

Tosh: I graduated in December of '96… half a semester early. In some cultures I'd be considered a genius.
I did a couple of jobs that were borderline illegal. Like telemarketing. [Expletive] jobs on Research Park that were like "Hey, $15 an hour to annoy people!" I really was not preparing myself for the future at all.  I had interviews lined up. I sat through one real interview, and I was like ‘I wouldn't hire me.' I left halfway through the orientation. That's the closest thing I ever got to a real job.

CFF: What are you looking forward to most about the return?

Tosh: I'm happy that they asked me to come back. Now I just hope people actually show up to the show because I'm playing way too big of a venue.

CFF: A few years ago we had Bruce Bruce as our Comedy Night guest and the Arena was about 1/10th full, so I'm pretty confident you can at least top that.

Tosh: As long as I beat 1/10th full.
I can't believe Lil Jon mentioning Bruce Bruce in a song wasn't enough to sell out the Arena.

CFF: What about your Homecoming experiences?

Tosh: Ah, I saw Blues Traveler. Who doesn't love a thin John Popper? The first standup comedian I ever saw in my life was at UCF – Carrot Top. 

CFF: Are you aware of whom the concert performer is the weekend before you perform? T-Pain.

Tosh: Are you serious? That's a great one! That sounds awesome.
I actually want to do a few jokes in Auto-Tune so this should work out. Ask him about that [expletive] stupid app for the iPod that he endorses that doesn't work. By the way, it's [expletive] $4.99. Tell him to make that [expletive] 99 cents.

CFF: Now, I know you've said that you hate Florida…

Tosh: I tease Florida. I don't hate it. I have insane allergies, and when I'm in Florida I have to be medicated just to breathe.

CFF: OK, but do you like performing at Florida colleges?

Tosh: I like performing at colleges because there's no stress of selling out. At colleges they pay you a fee, so you get paid if eight people show up or if 30,000 show up.
The downside of college shows is that some college kids are [expletive] morons. 
And people in college participate. Especially when you're like 18 or 19 years old and you pretend you're passionate about things you know nothing about.
So I enjoy mocking those beliefs immediately and making everyone uncomfortable.

CFF: With your show, Tosh.0, are you planning to do this for a while or move on to bigger things?

Tosh: I want to do TV for a while then just disappear. 

CFF: The Dave Chappelle route.

Tosh: I definitely don't want to do what he did. I would have run that train out for a little while. Anyway, I don't want to go Africa. Unless I'm getting kids. Like going to shop for them.

CFF: What about a possible dream gig?

Tosh: Just a great massive [orgy] with tons of Playmates. I don't know if people would pay for that, but that's my dream gig.

CFF: I was looking more into the comedy side.

Tosh: Oh, it would be funny. Trust me. 

CFF: Daniel, thanks a lot for talking with us. Look forward to seeing you Tuesday. 

Tosh: Be sure to bring a couple thousand of your friends Tuesday night.

CFF: I don't think you'll have anything to worry about. 

Tosh: Ah, I won't. Like I said, I still get paid.


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