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Fraternity pledge classes put on hold

*UPDATE* UCF spokesman says no updates in case

Published: Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Updated: Thursday, October 1, 2009 11:10


There are no updates into the investigation of an anonymous call that sparked the university to ask fraternities to suspend pledge activities,a UCF spokesman said on Thursday

"Based on the progress of the review that began Sept. 29, there will be no update this morning," said Grant Heston, assistant vice president of UCF News & Information. "Depending on the progress of the review, there might be an update this afternoon."

Check back at for more updates as they happen.



All UCF fraternities are being asked to suspend pledge classes according to an e-mail sent out by Kerry Welch, assistant vice president for student development and enrollment services, and Belinda Boston, director of UCF Fraternity and Sorority Life.

"On Sept. 29, an anonymous caller informed UCF about alleged misconduct at an unnamed fraternity. That same day, out of an abundance of caution, the university asked all fraternities to voluntarily and temporarily suspend pledge activities while UCF reviews the allegation," Grant Heston of UCF News & Information said in a statement.

The e-mail, which was sent on behalf of UCF Fraternity and Sorority Life, said that they received a complaint that may be a "major risk management issue" and that no other information could be released at this time.

Welch also said in his e-mail that UCF is "asking all Fraternity's [sic] to voluntarily suspend all New Member Education Processes/ Membership Intake processes immediately and until further notice/information can be gather and shared."

The e-mail also said that fraternities would be informed when the issue has been resolved and they may continue on with pledge activities.

"Please know that we understand how important the new member/membership intake process is to all organizations," Welch said in his e-mail.

Multiple calls to both Welch and Boston were not returned.

The direct e-mail to fraternity presidents at UCF was as follows:


"Hello All,

This email is being sent based on a complaint we received today. It has come to the attention of the University that we may have a "Major Risk Management issue" involving a fraternity within our Greek Community. I'm not at liberty to go into details regarding the information shared, but please be assured we are taking this matter very seriously. Therefore, we're asking all Fraternity's to voluntarily suspend all New Member Education Processes/ Membership Intake processes immediately and until further notice/information can be gather and shared. This request is being made to all Councils with Fraternities. Please know that we understand how important the new member/membership intake process is to all organizations. As soon as the matter has been cleared, organizations will receive notification to move forward in their process.

Thank you for your time and understanding!

Dr. Kerry Welch and Belinda Boston"

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Your name
Fri Oct 2 2009 22:44
To Yeah...

The average GPA at UCF is around a 3.3. The average Greek GPA is around a 3.1. The first GPA was found by looking at the information that was published by UCF when they were looking at which majors they were going to cut. The 2nd came from a UCF news article.

Baring either of the two sources from being wrong, Greek kids are dumber than non-Greek.

Your name
Fri Oct 2 2009 14:38
thanks for bashing non IFC Greeks ! when 5 of the past 5 fraternity suspensions were from IFC, it makes it so much less likely that it is IFC!!!!! just blame it on the blacks and latinos
Fri Oct 2 2009 14:11
you are all brilliant, fighting on a forum that doesn't matter. retards. and for those of you who aren't even greek who like to get on here to debate and bash people- wtf is wrong with you? it has absolutly nothing to do with you. get a life.

little fyi- it was more than likely not an IFC group, and most people reinstated their pledge programs yesterday.

ps- whoever said beta crucified jesus... you are my hero.

Thu Oct 1 2009 15:42
this is test
somebody Do Something
Thu Oct 1 2009 14:32
@ Greek below

Just ask Beta about how well UCF protected all 100 of them against false accusations of rape by the woman in Ohio. They really went to bat for them, made sure of all the facts, dismissed any hearsay evidence, protected their privacy, avoided allowing them to be "tried in the press". All those things you hope your university would do for you.

Sure, ask Beta about all that. What a joke. Protecting fraternities. They did none of the above, pursued them like rabid dogs and then scapegoated them just to look tough on date rape with a 2 year suspension.

Protecting them alright. What dream world are you in, anyway.

Your name
Thu Oct 1 2009 13:11
Are you frickin kidding?? You think "UCF is actually trying to protect Fraternities"? Really? Either youre Boston or Welch or MacKown or Heston writing on this board, or youre smoking something thats gonna get your whole Greek group thrown out .
One of those DUMB greeks
Thu Oct 1 2009 11:50
"If UCF wanted to get rid of fraternities, they could just raise the school's admissions standards to require higher GPAs and SATs. "

Lol, thats a good one, I personally had a 1400 and a 4.0 unweighted GPA, 4.3 weighted, and I got into Yale. I want to see you raise standards that high. One it would eliminate 96%of the school, as well as half of the Honors College. So yeah raise standards for the SAT that high and we would have a school of roughly 2000 students, and guess what I'm pretty sure you're not one of them.

Thu Oct 1 2009 11:48
Fist and foremost, the new member process is not stopped but rather just put on hold. UCF has a magnifying glass right now and we don't need something stupid to happen while they are investigating a ridiculous claim. As for everyone who is bashing Greeks, you are no different than UCF. Before making ridiculous claims about our GPA's, habits, and involvement, take a look around... We have higher average GPAs, an insane amount of volunteer hours, and all the while managing to have some fun. Whatever is going on, UCF is actually trying to protect Fraternities. If they were trying to get rid of them, Theta Chi wouldn't have been awarded a house. Simple as that.
Thu Oct 1 2009 09:52
"If UCF wanted to get rid of fraternities, they could just raise the school's admissions standards to require higher GPAs and SATs. "

You do realize that most (I do not say all but most) of the Fraternities on campus have a higher GPA than the UCF Men's average right?

Thu Oct 1 2009 02:06
To the people responding to someones snarky comment that it was a Beta
Im pretty sure IT WAS A JOKE. SARCASM. (i.e. "everything bad that [N]ever happened was caused by Beta....)

BTW Betas national org didnt suspend them so they can have pledges if they want to-- they're just not part of UCF right now

OFSLOL is an idiot
Thu Oct 1 2009 01:33
"I've heard indirectly from one of the staff members in OFSLOL that it was a Beta pledge."

Haha Beta doesn't even have any pledges you tool.

It WAS Beta
Thu Oct 1 2009 01:27
Breaking news: Beta crucified Jesus
Thu Oct 1 2009 01:07
@wake me up
Actually I dont think we know for sure that somebody was beaten up or even that anybody actually has any bruises? They just said some anonymous person called and CLAIMED she was a mother of a pledge and CLAIMED that her son had bruises and CLAIMED he TOLD HER it was from some undisclosed kind of fraternity thing. But that could all be a big fat lie right.
Your name
Thu Oct 1 2009 00:57
wake me up from this nightmare
Thu Oct 1 2009 00:51
@the last comment.
Just what was it that they did wrong last comment. I love it when stupid people comment about Greeks and illustrate why no Fraternity would have them. We know that someone was beaten up. This might have been hazing by an unidentified person in an unidentified fraternity. Now help me understand why it makes sense to suspend all pledge activities based on this information. What is the point except to punish everyone for the possible actions one. And all this before they even know the facts. This would be comical if it wasn't so pathetic!
Thu Oct 1 2009 00:46
How do they know this isnt all total crap? Like what if some girlfriend whose mad calls up with some lie. Or some guy whose lying to his mother so he wont get in trouble for getting in a fight in some bar parking lot.
Your name
Thu Oct 1 2009 00:31
Watched the news tonight-- it made UCF look like a complete bunch of clowns
and we're paying these people with our tuition and tax money?
Your name
Wed Sep 30 2009 23:53
I love it when Greeks get mad about being called out for what they do wrong. Just count your blessings you don't get caught for everything else you do. The school didn't actually suspend any frats or their pledges, they just asked that no more initiation go on while the allegations are being reviewed. I'm sure you can all continue to play beer pong and Guitar Hero/trim your chin straps/lift some weights/beat each other up in the meantime
Wed Sep 30 2009 23:44
So, I just watched some of the reports on the news. Is UCF serious? From my impression, this was essentially an anonymous tip. No name of the fraternity or student was given (even to administration), and it seems like there was no checks to actually make sure this claim was true and connected with a fraternity. And UCF pulls that type of action to put Greek Life in a frenzy? Really?

Shoot first, ask questions later with this administration, I guess.

Greek Life
Wed Sep 30 2009 23:26
So some boy, who lives at home with his parents, got a little banged up doing SOMETHING that may not have even been fraternity related? I know I've gone out some nights and came back with bruises from falling around. They get rid of Greek Life and make it suffer like this than UCF says good-bye to successful KnightThon and Relay for Life. And students with an average higher GPA that raises their academic claims.

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