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It’s not spirit, it’s just rude

Published: Sunday, November 22, 2009

Updated: Sunday, November 22, 2009 17:11

Last week, we ran a letter from a UCF fan disgusted by the behavior of other UCF fans attending an away game. We also ran a stance explaining that it was just part of a whole trend of letters we receive about Knights fans spoiling the game with belligerent antics.

Since then, we've heard from a few folks defending the kind of behavior that prompts these complaints, mostly defending it as a part of the competitive spirit that drives college football games. Ultimately, our foils seemed of a mind that the behavior we described was not only worth encouraging but was rather par for the course.

Well, we're afraid they're just plain wrong. According to the most recent college football poll by Sports Illustrated, college football fans said UCF has the rudest fans in C-USA.

UCF led by an almost 20-percent margin in the survey, with the University of Southern Mississippi in second place. The question wasn't who was the most intimidating, who has the most spirit or who hosts a great game; they asked who was the rudest, and UCF won — decisively. 

This doesn't so much prove our point as much as it enhances it. There isn't much room left for more support of what we've been saying; if you want to go to a football game to curse, fight and antagonize fans of the other team, stay home.

This is the last piece of the puzzle that should make it clear that the belligerent Knights are a disgrace to the university.

This is especially crucial because of the growing success of the Knights football program.
The team has made it to two bowl games and is on the way to a third. It is getting about two or three games per season nationally televised. The program needs to be known for victory on the field, not obnoxious fans.

So, fans — you know who you are — take a look at what you've won us. It's not about showing civility and hospitality to the other fans; a real fan makes his school and his team look good.

If the sticking point of the argument for rudeness is that it's standard — clearly it isn't. Even other football fans said we have a surplus of ill will.

If your last hope to rationalize being a jerk is that it's supporting the team — you're not. The data is in, and we have a bad reputation coming our way. Thanks to the belligerent Knights, we don't look like a school that loves the team and loves the game, we just look rude.

Some of the blame for this misunderstanding goes to us here at the Future. Perhaps we didn't make it abundantly clear that the letter we printed — which was a reaction to booing at an inappropriate time — was one of the more tame letters we've seen.

Since the opening game versus the Longhorns in 2007, we've heard reports of opposing fans being urinated on, shoved in anger and stolen from.

Nobody expects you to roll out the red carpet for the visiting team or give the fans of the opposition a daisy and a hug. 

It is perfectly fine for fans to yell, cheer and chant, and it usually isn't warm and fuzzy sentiments that get sent to the other side.

However, there is a line between being competitive and being rude, and we're on the wrong side.

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Fri Feb 19 2010 16:53
im pretty sure its an aggregate you were probably ranked 2nd or 3rd by most of the other teams.
Go Banana Slugs!
Sat Nov 28 2009 21:46
We're not even that good of a team. Maybe if we had the wins to back up the trash talking, we could get away with it (read: UF), but we have no ground to stand on. Fans being idiots toward out-of-town visitors just makes us look trashy. Real tailgates are about barbecues and beer pong anyway. Let's get back to the basics, people!!
Mon Nov 23 2009 18:13
Whenever I'm at a UCF football game, the fans are pretty rude. It's not all the specifics this article gets into, it's more of a general disregard for respect and sportsmanship. Fans can trash talk and be competitive without being complete jackasses; if we're better than another team it should show on the field not by belligerent fans. It's really disappointing that the UCF fan base is turning into USF's. Even in the game against Tulane this past week, hardly anyone clapped when an injured player on the opposing team was carried off the field. It's not "ass kissing," it's respect and it's really disappointing that some of our fan base is ignorant enough to confuse the two.
Your name
Mon Nov 23 2009 14:59
I think next time we will go to away football games and give their fans some tea and crumpets. This isn't tennis you idiot. This is football and I don't ever plan on going to an away game and kissing the other teams ass. That is not UCF and booing is part of the game. What a stupid article. Please boo at the opposing team, its called a college football atmosphere.
Your name
Sun Nov 22 2009 22:31

They're trying to backtrack. Notice how they know this is the 2nd opinion article on the same subject.

Booing the other team when they come out of the tunnel is something EVERYBODY does. The letter berating UCF fans as unsportsmanlike because we boo'd them is just stupid. Instead of publishing that, why didn't they public a letter of a UCF fan peeing on a UT fan.

That letter has some of the weakest arguments I've seen. UT boos the other team all the time when they come out of the tunnel. It just to happens that UCF isn't even considered a worthy team in their eyes as proof of the blog post that put us in the same league as Arkansas State. If UT plays Oklahoma, you'll see booing.

Instead of showing an example of a fan peeing on a UT fan, fighting, water throwing, yelling "Katrina" to Tulane after they've seen their friends die, they decide to write something stupid like "booing". All those other ones are things that UCF fans have done which are not acceptable.

When I went to the UCF-UF game, their students didn't exactly make me feel welcome. That's just what fans do. We boo. Heck, I've seen crowds tell fans from the other team to "take that red shirt off". When you add physical contact into the mix, then you've crossed the line. We've done plenty of that against USF.

Sun Nov 22 2009 18:22
Of all twelve schools in Conference USA, only ECU and Marshall voted UCF as having the rudest fans. How that qualifies as UCF having the rudest fans in the entire conference, I'm not sure. It just so happens that UCF lists ECU and Marshall as having the rudest fans as well. Why didn't you write about that?

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