Police: UCF student raped girl after second date

Student met girl on Match.com

By Katie Kustura


Published: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Updated: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ADF mugshot

Seminole County Sheriff's Office

Aaron Daniel Floyd, a 22-year-old industrial engineering student, allegedly raped a girl he met through Match.com.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office arrested a UCF student Monday for the sexual assault of a female he allegedly met through the dating website Match.com.

Aaron Daniel Floyd, 22, an industrial engineering student who lives in Oviedo, was arrested and charged with sexual battery on a victim over 12 years of age for an incident that occurred Saturday, May 14, at about 5:30 p.m., according to the arrest report. The victim reported the incident to the Sheriff's Office shortly before 11 p.m.

The victim told police that she met Floyd on the website Thursday, May 12. According to the report, the two shared a conversation via email before exchanging cell phone numbers and talking more. The victim said Floyd asked her questions of a sexual nature, which made her uncomfortable.

The two met at a location in Sanford May 14 and the victim followed Floyd to his apartment located on Tattinger Lane, according to the report. While sitting on his bed watching TV, the report stated they began to kiss and then Floyd began to perform sexual acts on her without her consent; he also forced her to perform sexual acts on him. He told her, "You're not going anywhere" when she tried to get up and go to the bathroom. After that, he allegedly raped her anally and vaginally.

After the incident, he allowed her to go to the bathroom and put her clothes on. According to the report, when she returned, he was pacing and acting very nervous, according to the report, and said "I don't know what to do with you now." He then allegedly forced her to go to a local pharmacy with him and made her buy the morning-after pill, which he forced her take with water when she returned to his car.

The two went back to his apartment where she left for home in her own car, according to the report. She then contacted her mother and went to the Sheriff's Office.

The Seminole County Health Department conducted a sexual assault exam on the victim that revealed anal and vaginal lacerations, several reddened areas on her body and a scratch on her left ankle, according to the report.

On May 16, Floyd provided police with written and verbal consent to search his bedroom, computer and cell phone.

Floyd is being held at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility on $10,000 bond.


Fri May 20 2011 09:32
The media isn't saying he raped the girl, the media is saying POLICE said he raped the girl. Hence why the headline reads: Police: UCF student raped girl after second date.
UCF Student
Fri May 20 2011 03:47
Who is the victim here??? Sure, if a rape did happen, the girl. How can the media state "UCF student rapes match.com date???" He hasn't even had a trial yet and has not been found guilty. What if he is indeed innocent and a victim false accusations? Why do we see his picture, his name, and her report of what occurred? This poor guys life is ruined already. Why did she go out with him if she was uncomfortable? Why didn't she scream, run, ask for help in the pharmacy? His comments made her so uncomfortable she went on two dates with him. Then goes to the store and back to his house with him after he has "raped" her? Please, this is wrong. I feel for the guy and hope he has a good attorney.
Fri May 20 2011 03:17
Why are people defending him? His life being ruined? What about the victim?
Thu May 19 2011 23:19
I think its fine they show his pic. This is in my opinion the worst crime a human being can commit and I am ashamed this dude went to the school I just graduated from. Sad that rape has little to do with the gentleman not being able to get a girl, but only to do with control. One thing that bothers me about this is supposedly the girl said she was disturbed by the sexual comments the gentleman made the day before in a phone conversation. SO WHY THE F*** WOULD YOU MEET UP WITH HIM EVER! That is the one thing in this story I don't get.... a little weird its either stupidity or ignorance. MADE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE = dont meet up with him duh!
Thu May 19 2011 09:14
Its not that we shouldn't be concerned for the woman. It sounds like a terrible experience. The bottom line is that even if this guy is innocent, it will be damn near impossible for him to have a career. And thats the case with anyone that is wrongly accused and publicly shamed. It makes me feel like any woman could decide to ruin my life today by making up some story that hits the news.
Wed May 18 2011 19:39
News outlets post pictures and details of police reports every day. Every claim made in the article has 'allegedly' or 'according to report' close by to clarify this. Mug shots are also commonly shown on newspaper websites and late night TV news every day. Rather than everyone being concerned about HIS life being ruined, why don't we sit back and wonder how the girl's life is now that she is this night to haunt her for awhile?

The details are gross because the crime is gross. That doesn't make it any less of public record if it's in the police report.

UCF Student
Wed May 18 2011 19:23
This is wrong. Even if he's found innocent you could be ruining his life
Wed May 18 2011 09:27
This is way too much information. I don't think it's right that this kids photo is published here along with every gross detail before it's known whether or not he is guilty.
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