Tips for Dayglow fun

By Nicole Schoen

Published: Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Updated: Wednesday, August 26, 2009

 Dayglow, the only trademarked paint party, is coming to Club Roxy, near the Orlando Fashion Square Mall, tonight. Dayglow does draw a large crowd, so, to maximize fun, here are few tips to help you make it through the night.

Tip #1 — Wear all white.

Dayglow is a paint party, which means you will get painted on, and white clothing makes a great canvas. You don't have to get expensive clothing. Just get creative. If you've been to a Dayglow before then you might even want to re-wear the same clothes. Most people never wear their painted clothes again outside of Dayglow events, so there's no need to splurge on the outfit for one night. You could also buy a plain white hat or pair of shoes so you can have authentic-looking pieces of clothing to wear after Dayglow.

Tip #2 — Wear sturdy shoes.

The way the host facility protects its building from paint is by covering everything in plastic — including the floor. When the paint gets on the plastic floor, it becomes so slippery that even trying to get out on the dance floor can be a challenge.
"Walking anywhere paint was sprayed is difficult," said sophomore Joe Still. "I slipped and almost fell about five times."
If you wear flip-flops, they may break or get lost in the crowd. Your best bet is to wear shoes that will stay on your feet all night.

Tips #3 — Glasses are a good investment.

Once the paint starts flying, you never know where it's going to land. To avoid getting paint in your eyes, you may want to purchase glasses.

Sunglasses would make everything too dark to see in the club, so Kanye-style "shutter-shades" are a good way to prevent paint in the eyes.

Tip #4 — Buy tickets early.

Some people are obsessed with the Dayglow tour and follow it around everywhere it stops, so add those people to the number of students who live around the UCF area and you have a high attendance rate.
To ensure your night is full of messy paint madness, buy your tickets as early as you can. Tickets are sold online straight from Dayglow's Web site, or through 
The ticket prices usually go up the week of Dayglow, so buy a ticket as soon as you can.

Tip #5 — Drink lots of water.

Dancing is a huge part of Dayglow because of the well-known disc jockeys that mix all night long. All of the bars will be open and a cup of water is free, so it's not difficult to stay hydrated. Even if you don't dance that much, with all the people around you, you'll still be drenched. It's important to replenish your fluids.

Dayglow Orlando is tonight, August 27, at club Roxy, located at 740 Bennett Road, with guest DJs Trent Cantrelle and David Solano.



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