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Yum Yum Cupcake Truck treats Knights

Contributing Writer

Published: Saturday, October 29, 2011

Updated: Sunday, October 30, 2011 18:10

Yum Yum

Jessica Gillespie/Central Florida Future

The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck now visits two different campus locations twice a week, giving cupcake lovers twice the opportunity to get their sugar fix.

The tasty treats of the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck have been gobbled up by UCF students and faculty alike for the last month.

After securing a contract with Aramark, UCF's main food provider, in early September, the truck now visits two different campus locations twice a week, giving cupcake lovers twice the opportunity to get their sugar fix.

Owner and UCF alumnus Joey Conicella is pleased with the turn out. Although numbers aren't necessarily growing, word has its way of getting around.

"Not everyone is going to hear about something at once, especially something as obscure as a cupcake truck, and it's just one of those things that catches on," Conicella said.

Baker and driver Tyler March said the company has expanded, adding five employees and two interns. However, days by Millican Hall can be pretty slow, he said

"It's hit or miss," March said. "[Sometimes] I don't see anyone; then [other times], people are really excited."

The Yum Yum Truck has been part of Orlando's fast-growing food-truck culture. Coincella and co-owner Alex Marin came specifically to Orlando to start their truck.

Conicella wasn't sure it would work, as UCF was an out-of-the-ordinary place for the truck to park.

"I think I didn't realize how much faculty would support us," he said. "I didn't even think that UCF would be a customer base for us."

Although the Yum Yum Truck has only been on campus for a month, students are familiar with the traveling bakery.

Isabel Enriquez, a freshman biology major, was excited to see the truck. Enriquez and a friend had recently seen the Yum Yum Truck at a food truck bazaar. As soon as she saw it, she took a picture with her phone and sent it to her friend.

"I'm glad they are here today," she said. "But I wish they were closer to the Union, that'd be easier."

For now students can find the Yum Yum Truck at Millican Hall on Tuesdays and by the Nicholson School of Communication on Wednesdays.

Conicella is still investigating a better place to put the truck.

"Where we are parked isn't premier parking. I have to do my own research to find traffic flow," Conicella said. "The school is really helpful."

To some students, it doesn't matter where the truck is parked. Lisa Marie, a freshman theatre studies major, is a frequent customer.

"I just think [the cupcakes] are really moist, and the icing isn't too sweet," she said. "It's also really cool to buy a cupcake from a truck and it not be creepy or weird."

Conicella has also been stepping up his participation with UCF. He recently donated 6,700 mini cupcakes to the College of Medicine's open house in Lake Nona. He also donated 600 cupcakes to the Black & Gold Gala for the Alumni Association.

"Donating is really fun for me being a UCF alumni," Conicella said. "To have that opportunity to have my product given out to 600 people at the Black & Gold Gala is really cool."

As the holidays approach, more cupcakes are not the only thing on the horizon for the truck.

"For Thanksgiving, we will be rolling out a pie collection," Conicella said. "Opposed to a boring apple pie, we will do a s'more pie or something like that."

Pies or no pies, the cupcakes are still a hit with graduate students, faculty and undergrads alike.

"I'd recommend it to anybody," Marie said. "And they have soda in glass bottles — who else has that?"

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