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Scoop to close, convert to restaurant and sports bar

Published: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Updated: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 23:03

Scoop, a college bar located in the Alafaya Village complex on Colonial Drive, will be turned into Title Sports Bar and Grille early this summer, said owner Ralph Mawardi. 

Mawardi said that the venue will close temporarily in April to renovate the bar into a more restaurant-suited facility. They plan to reopen by June.

The change was sparked by a complaint filed with the Orange County Court by the landlord of the property, Equity One Reality Inc., which is based in Lake Mary, against Scoop in Sept. 2009.

According to the settlement agreement, Scoop must change its 4COP liquor license, which allows the bar to serve beer, wine, liquor and package sales at its location on Colonial Drive to an SRX license, which allows the sale of beer, wine and liquor. Sixty percent of total sales at the establishment must come from food.

Scoop's current 4COP license is filed under the name Knightly Scoop.

Mawardi said that there are plans to reopen Scoop in a new location in the UCF area, although there is not a set location as of yet.

Title Sports Bar and Grille will be sponsored by Title Electrolyte Performance Drink, an energy drink put out by Miami-based company, The Electric Beverage Company Inc.

Representatives from Equity One Reality Inc. declined to comment.

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14 year old high school freshman
Tue May 11 2010 15:10
Damn my favorite place to meet creepy older guys is gone! Guess I'll migrate over to TD's that always my backup spot...
Sat Apr 3 2010 17:07
Hey Anonymous- that was really rude and completely uncalled for... i'm no fan of Furbush and this is not a forum to attack people. the least you could do is grow a pair and own up to what you're saying...
Sat Apr 3 2010 01:50
i heard devaneys closed down a long time ago. i was wrong you are still open, its just that no one comes to devaneys anymore. you have old man bartenders like yourself who couldnt hook up with a grad student if you tried because they are too young for you. you are the van wilder of ucf, except your family has no money, so basically you are a loser. not hating just stating the obvious facts that everyone says about you. when will you move up in life an work somewhere respectable like publix or burlington coat factory? they are close to you and transportation shouldnt be a problem, u can bum rides off the freshman bartenders at devaneys. you might think im being harsh but i just feel sorry for you and want to help.
Sat Apr 3 2010 01:40
I heard deko library scoop TDs fubar jake and mickeys and under blues and dungeon and tilted kilt are all closing down. Everywhere else is open though.
Fri Apr 2 2010 19:26
nope, sorry but library is gonna be closed for 30 to 90 days as soon as they have their abt court hearing and get their liquor license suspended. check the papers they have written several articles about it. dont think anyone will go to library after that when and if they reopen. tds always has a crowd, and devaneys has been around longer than any college bar so they have the real longevity.
Fri Apr 2 2010 14:51
Fri Apr 2 2010 05:23
TD's will finish tanking, cut its losses and close soon too, and we will keep hearing the same sexual harassment allegations from Fubar. I guess Library is the only bar that has longevity in the UCF area.
Thu Apr 1 2010 13:45
Haha, what will university high do now that its favorite smelly bar is closed?
Thu Apr 1 2010 13:43
Its about time this place shut down. Now the 17 year olds will have to go to fubar and library after prom night.
Wed Mar 31 2010 02:51
you can go drink at a real bar
wont miss it
Wed Mar 31 2010 01:34
@17yearold: go to TD's its all local highschoolers.
Wed Mar 31 2010 01:03


Wed Mar 31 2010 00:04
Great now where am I going to go to drink now?

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