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SGA president picks Kilbride, Lochrane

Published: Sunday, February 21, 2010

Updated: Sunday, February 21, 2010 18:02

The yearly determination of our future leaders is one of the most important three days at UCF. These individuals, who serve as the stewards of our Student Government Association, are the president and vice president of SGA.

These two are arguably the most powerful student representatives at our university. The election of these students is one that has the potential to impact almost every aspect of UCF and shouldn't be taken lightly.

It feels like it was just yesterday when you selected me to serve as your 2009-10 student body president. I have been honored by the trust that you have placed upon me to be the voice of our student body.


The vice president and I have worked passionately to make UCF a better place for all students, and we hope that those who lead us next year will do the same.
For the first time since I can remember, the Future is not endorsing a candidate for the SGA presidential election.


As a result, and in keeping with the tradition of many of my predecessors, I have decided to make an endorsement for your 2010-2011 president and vice president.

I am endorsing Michael Kilbride and Taylor Lochrane to be the next leaders of our Student Government Association.

As a member of student government since my freshman year, I have had the opportunity to share the SGA office with each of the four individuals in this year's race.


Each has worked in different capacities within SGA with different responsibilities, but in my opinion nobody has worked harder or with more passion than the Kilbride and Lochrane ticket. Both Michael and Taylor have spent their time as student leaders listening and responding to the needs of students. Combined, Michael and Taylor have experience from serving on each of the three different branches of SGA.


They have been involved with many of the student agencies and student organizations that make UCF what it is today. Their list of achievements is seemingly endless.

SGA would not have been as successful in completing many of its goals this year without the innovation, determination and fortitude of both Michael Kilbride and Taylor Lochrane.


As the current chief of operations for SGA, Michael has been instrumental in completing many of the initiatives SGA set out to fulfill this year, such as the SGA Express Print Lab.

Taylor, who is currently serving as the SGA graduate relations specialist, has been gathering graduate student involvement by holding events created to provoke graduate student networking.

These two students are honest and sincere and appreciate the input of all students at UCF. Each has spent his time advocating and providing for students and wish to continue to do so.


They have a platform that is well rounded, down-to-earth and completely attainable, and they have a set plan on how to accomplish each of their goals.

As a student who has dedicated his entire collegiate career to student leadership and the betterment of this university, I have seen SGA officials come and go.


I have seen people squander their opportunities as student leaders and do nothing for UCF students.


I know that Michael and Taylor have not and will never be one of those squanderers.

As your current president, I cannot help but wonder what next year will bring for SGA and for our university. UCF will have to decide who is best fit serve them this coming year. I am convinced that the best choice for the SGA, UCF and the student body is Michael Kilbride and Taylor Lochrane.


I fully endorse the Kilbride and Lochrane ticket to serve as your next student body president and vice president.

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