No longer are ladies the only ones showing some skin for the summer season. As the hot Florida sun beats overhead, prepare to see some men rocking "the most radical shorts on the planet."

Chubbies started with humble beginnings, with a group of friends going up to Lake Tahoe, California, three years ago for Fourth of July festivities.

The group of Chubbies founders was looking for some interesting and outrageous outfits.

With the idea of short shorts in mind, the now top-selling 'MERICA shorts were born.

After passing around similar shorts to their friends and seeing their popularity, the founders knew they had something good on their hands.

The 'MERICA shorts remain their top seller, but their swim trunks have also been seeing some great popularity, selling out almost every week.

The Chubbies have become increasingly popular among fraternity brothers, such as Jon-Carlos Brezina, on campus.

Brezina, a junior studying mechanical engineering who owns his own pair of light blue Chubbies.

Brezina decided to purchase a pair of his own after seeing his brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon sporting those shorts.

"It's a trend just like any other. I think it's more popular in the Greek community because of the style of the shorts," Brezina said, specifically noting the preppy style.

But some students aren't the biggest fans of this fashion fad, especially the aforementioned preppy style.

Alison Hertog, a sophomore character animation major, is one of these students.

Her disdain for the duds started back in high school with a boy who wore salmon shorts frequently.

Her disdain continues to this day.

"It's the male equivalent of daisy dukes. It's too much thigh for my liking," Hertog said. "I don't know what the point of them is. If they're comfortable and [people] like them that's fine by me, I just don't personally find them attractive."

But despite some not being much of a fan of the shorts, they remain popular nonetheless.

John Bradford, dean of the Chubbies ambassador program, said that has a lot to do with the marketing of the shorts.

"The marketing is just very unique and a lot of fun," Bradford said. "We're the brand that tries to embody the weekend."

In regard to the popularity especially among the Greek community, Bradford attributes it to the social nature of many Greek organizations.

In fact, Bradford said, many of the Chubbies college ambassadors have been involved in the Greek community.

"[Chubbies fans embody] the ideals that the brand was founded upon: taking over the weekend, having the most fun possible, being radical but respectful," Bradford said. "People that live for the weekend is an ideal that people can relate to, especially people who sit behind a desk all day or are in class all week."

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