Get ready, aca-fanatics: A brand-new UCF a cappella group is ready to take center stage.

Voicebox, made up of both ladies and aca-fellas, was officially voted into Contemporary A Cappella at UCF, the group that encompasses all a cappella groups on campus. Voicebox was accepted roughly two weeks ago, and the process began roughly three weeks before that.

"There was always talk of 'maybe we should add another group,' but nothing ever really happened," said Sami Sorce, a junior film major with a music minor who serves as the group's performance director.

After brainstorming began and its deadline was looming, the group scrambled to get membership numbers and a name together, but the challenge was finding something that the hundreds of collegiate a cappella groups across the nation hadn't already taken.

"We just stumbled across a few names and Voicebox just seemed to stick out," Sorce said. "It's unique, it's very modern, [and] it fits our group."

Zach Anderson, a junior elementary education major and Voicebox member, said the group has already formally recorded "Rude" by Magic! and it will be posted to the Contemporary A Cappella at UCF page soon.

"One of our goals in forming this is [that] we really want to be a performance group," Anderson said. "We want to do more of that [because] we like that a lot. All [of] the groups do compete, so that's not abnormal itself, but the are a few other festivals around the nation that we want to be a part of, as well."

Being a competitive a cappella group seems to be a shared goal among the executive board as well, at least for executive director Chrissy Thomas, a senior communication sciences and disorders major.

"[We want to] stay small and be as competitive as possible," Thomas said. "We want to enter competitions and do a lot of gigs out in the community."

But even before all of that, the group has to hammer some things down before they're stage ready.

"We're still trying to find our niche, but we definitely want to do more upbeat songs that have a lot of of energy to them," Sorce said. "We've been looking at a lot of top 40s lists, and we may even do some stuff from the 90s."

But even beyond competing, the biggest goal Anderson has for the group is for it to become a group known nationally, especially as the group pertains to UCF a cappella.

"Our goal is to spread both our name and UCF a cappella across the nation," Anderson said. "We kind of want to take it to the next level and put UCF on the map across the nation."

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