Imagine ordering a Miley Cyrus with a side of onion rings.

According to the Z Baked bakery's website, this combination of sugar cookie dough, vanilla-creme-sandwich cookies and confetti cake is guaranteed to leave your stomach "twerking with enthusiasm."

Among the many different types of pastries and drinks offered, Z Baked aims to leave its customers wanting more, with its No. 1 policy being customer satisfaction.

Zach Zelner, in his Tallahassee apartment, created the company two years ago. After opening a franchise there, Zelner decided to expand to Tampa and now Orlando.

After buying out UCF's Midknight Munchies, Zelner negotiated a deal with Knight's Pub to use its kitchen in order to open the new Z Diner — the 2014 sister company of Z Baked, owned by Zelner.

Z Baked's company mission is to have the fastest delivery of the freshest goods at the best price in the UCF area.

Offering free delivery, warm and fresh-baked goods and the fact that the company is open daily with hours ranging from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m., Z Baked and Z Diner aim to be more of a convenience for students.

Senior advertising major Jessica Bustillo said her favorite pastries from Z Baked include the Reese's cookie and the brownie, describing them as "delicious and hot."

Z Diner, which operates out of "The Next Door Bar," according to the website, is a curbside carry-out diner consisting of various goods, soups and side items.

Specialized classic items include gourmet mac and cheese, buttered grilled cheese, mini corn dogs, popcorn shrimp and chicken tenders.

The online Z Baked menu consists of various treats that are guaranteed to stand out from any other bakery.

"It's amazing! The double chocolate chip cookie was also good, but nothing tops the Reese's one," senior radio-television major Derek Loucks said.

Signature sweets include the "Slutty Brownie," which is a layer of chocolate-chip cookie dough layered with Oreos and topped off by brownie, and it makes for the "filthiest treat you will ever eat."

After the company asked for students' opinions through social media, students agreed that the Slutty Brownie is the majority favorite.

Other cookies on the menu include the classic chocolate-chip, peanut-butter, strawberry-shortcake, white-chocolate-orange, double-chocolate-fudge and snickerdoodle cookies.

Along with its cookies, Z Baked also specializes in its Blue Bunny ice cream, vegan and gluten-free treats and packages, such as the Study Buddy, which consists of six cookies and a drink.

"The bakery is amazing. I love their sandwich cookies and they also have a diner with great fries," said Sally Eubanks, a second-year elementary education graduate student.

With the bakery and diner seeming to be a hit with students, the company will also be having big deals coming soon.

The Z Baked UCF Facebook page encourages everyone to "like" its Z Diner UCF page in order to receive a coupon for a free order of fries and a free cookie.

According to the website, online ordering is currently not available, but you can order over the phone at 407-966-3426.

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