Though the Greek community wears its letters proudly, thanks to one UCF grad's jewelry line, the sorority sisters of UCF can find some Bliss with their letters as well.

Bashful Bliss, a self-described "happy-wear company," was started in 2009 after the founder, Tara Huff, designed some necklaces after completing a triathlon.

Huff originally did pharmaceutical sales for nine years, and after she decided to stay home with her daughter, she decided to go the creative and entrepreneurial route.

Thus, Bashful Bliss, with the motto, "It's the little things in life where bliss is found," was born.

Those first necklaces catered to teachers and got the word out, with 46 products sold in just two days.

After finding success with that niche market, Huff decided to branch out into other niche markets, Greek life being one of them.

Bashful Bliss, or b2 for short, licensed with many sororities roughly two months ago and offers apparel and accessories to nearly every sorority on campus. Currently, Bashful Bliss is only waiting for approval to start selling their product from Delta Zeta.

"We wanted to start with UCF," said Huff, a UCF class of '97 graduate. "We wanted to get with UCF and branch out [from there]."

This past Sunday, Bashful Bliss parked its boutique truck right outside of the Alpha Xi Delta house and invited the sorority sisters to come check out the merchandise.

"[The apparel] is super cute. I love how convenient [the merchandise] is, coming to us in this truck," said Dakota Duchaine, a sophomore marketing major.

The truck, Huff said, is the first of its kind in Central Florida, though similar trucks have become very popular in California.

Mainly designed for special events, the entire inside of the truck is a boutique.

Bashful Bliss has found success in many niche markets, though, not just Greek life. The company offers necklaces for new moms, military family members and teachers, among others. Huff's unique designs, employees say, is what makes her so popular.

"Bashful Bliss products are popular because each design is hand-drawn and unique. All of the products definitely provide 'happy' to others through the bright designs," said Robin Jonas, operations manager for Bashful Bliss. "Overall, the appeal is the upbeat bright colors and one-of-a-kind packaging"

But what really got the Bashful Bliss name out, Huff said, was the launch of its apparel line.

"When we expanded our product line, that's when people got excited," Huff said. And they're not done expanding.

Just four months ago, Bashful Bliss moved into a 2,000-square-foot location and can now do everything in-house.

"I would love to see [Bashful Bliss] as a household name," Huff said. "[Customers can] look at that and just know that Bashful Bliss is a happyware company."

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