Forget movie posters or art prints — now, thanks to one inventive beer fan, you can display the caps to to your favorite beers.

Capped was created by Justin Polovina of Honolulu, Hawaii. According to his Kickstarter campaign, Polovina himself began collecting caps a few years back, but had no way to display them properly.

Working with computer-aided design software to build the display, Polovina created Capped, which offers space for 49 different bottle caps of various sizes to be displayed and admired. It also comes with the ability to move around and switch out different caps if need be.

The 9.7-inch display uses the standard screw-mount system for those who want to see their work of art hang on a wall. There are also four neodymium magnets in each corner of the display to allow for mounting on magnetic surfaces, such as a fridge.

But Capped isn't available just yet, according to the Kickstarter campaign. While the design phase is done, Polovina is in search of reliable manufacturer for Capped.

"My primary focus is now locating a reliable manufacturer that will deliver the highest quality product in a timely manner," Polovina said on the campaign website. ​

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