When people hear "luxury bags," Michael Kors, Coach and Gucci often come to mind. What doesn't always come to mind? Men's fashion. However, one UCF student and his business partner are hoping to change that.

Onúr men's luxury bags launched June 14, and since then the company has seen a fair bit of attention, being featured in fashion blogs, international magazines and even catching the eye of celebrities.

The line of men's luxury bags was started after the pair wanted to break into the fashion industry, but in a way no one else had before and in a way where they could make a name for themselves.

"We [thought] that everyone [was] doing the same thing, but we wanted to do something that was different," said Christian Morales, a junior business administration major and Onúr co-founder. "[We said], 'Let's just take it to the next level.'"

Thus, in November 2013, the idea of Onúr was born.

Currently, Onúr has three bags on its website.

Their backpack, the Onúr Krokodíl Rucksack — currently in pre-order — comes in black cow leather with lizard, crocodile and plain patterns and two adjustable shoulder straps. Their shoulder bags, the Onúr Business Bag Azul-Bleu and Onúr Business Bag Nero-Black, come in top-grain pebbled and solid leather with adjustable and removable shoulder straps.

But that won't be all. The duo has plans to expand its line, Morales said, releasing about one bag a month until it has a full line of bags.

"In a year it's going to be a completely different collection," Morales said. "[A] bigger collection, bigger brand, bigger name."

But that's not all that would increase. Morales also mentioned a big projection for future sales.

"The way it's headed, it could be a million-dollar company within a year," Morales said.

Co-founder Joshua Cameron, who has known Morales since high school, said loyalty is what brings this success.

"Everyone loves the bags, even celebrities. It's been pretty well-received," said Cameron, a Seminole State College graduate with a degree in business.

One of their celebrity fans is Dr. Jason Littleton, or America's Energy Doctor, a physician in the Orlando area and owner of all three of Onúr's bags.

"I really wanted a bag that was professional and I could take into any meeting and really just stand out. Fashion matters," Littleton, founder, CEO and medical director for WellSpring Human Energetics, said. "I'm pretty impressed with the product, which is why I'm a repeat customer."

While Littleton was on the set of Ask Dr. Nandi, he said dozens of people were coming up to him and commenting on or asking about his bag.

"It goes to show that your appearance, your accessories and what you wear matters," Littleton said.

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