There are plenty of students at UCF who enjoy thrifting and shopping at vintage-clothing shops to save money on new clothes, but some students have found ways to update their wardrobe without spending hours at the mall.

Liliana Cruz, a sophomore biomedical sciences major, sews her own clothes, including dresses and pants, as well as quilts made from old T-shirts — and learned to do it all in just a few months this past summer..

"A few months over the summer, I found a lot of crafts I wanted to do that involved sewing," Cruz said. "It didn't look too difficult, so I bought a sewing machine."

Her sewing machine cost $120 and now she sews pajama pants, dresses and quilts for herself and for her friends.

"I made some pajama pants and suddenly everyone wanted pants," she said.

Another student, Kara Kern, a senior illustration major, has been sewing for nine years, making her own clothing and costumes and said it is easy to learn how to do once you learn the basics.

"You can decide how you want things to look, and it's very rewarding when you make something you like," Kern said.

How to make pants – Liliana Cruz

1. Trace a pattern from a pair of old pants on some paper, one for the front and one for the back.

2. Lay out the fabric and pin the pattern to the paper.

3. Once the front and the back are cut out of the fabric, sew the crotch area.

4. Pin the inseam together and sew it up.

5. Pin the other side and sew up the outside of the pants, then move to the waistband.

6. Fold the top over one time and sew it together, then repeat one more time.

7. Leave an inch or two open to put in the elastic band.

8. Attach a safety pin to the end of the band in order to pull it through the opening.

9. Pull the elastic band, using the safety pin, all the way around the opening in the pants until the two ends meet.

10. Sew the two ends together, then close up the opening.

11. Finally, hem the bottom of the pants by pinning the pants at the appropriate length and sew together.

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