A UCF alumnus beat out two other contestents to win a date on the Steve Harvey Show at Universal Orlando Resort on Tuesday.

The segment, called "Dating Baggage," featured Alanna Henry, a Boston native, grilling the three male contestants on their "baggage," then deciding which baggage she could live with the most.

The lightest baggage belonged to 2010 UCF graduate Justin Hewett, a 29-year-old DJ from Orlando.

Hewett's baggage, which he revealed to the studio audience as well as the cameras on the show, was that he has "been with lots o' ladies" and that he "sabotages relationships."

Although this may have been Hewett and Henry's first times on dating shows, Hewett has been offered a chance in the past.

"I've had offers to do other dating shows for the last couple years, [but] I've always been in a relationship so I've never taken the offers," Hewett, recently single, said.

And while Hewett beat out two other men for a date with Henry on the show, Hewett said he also beat out about 80 other men to even get on stage.

"I think my vulnerability and how honest and raw I was in the interview [won them over]," Hewett said of why he felt he was chosen.

The selection process was made up of three Skype interviews, Hewett said, before he was finally selected to be on the show in front of the live studio audience.

All of that lead up to that fateful final decision, with Henry as the final judge, and what really helped finalize the decision, Henry said, was that same honesty and Hewett's relaxed attitude.

"He just seemed really laid back, and anyone with courage enough to appear on live TV and say that he slept with a lot of girls back in the day deserves something," Henry said of her final decision.

After a small on-screen date, Hewett and Henry parted ways, and though their on-screen experience may have been fun, Henry said the distance was a deal breaker in terms of future dates.

Hewett also confirmed that he was still looking for love.

"We both went through an interesting experience together, and every time I go up [to Boston], I'll have a beer," Hewett said.

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