Back to the Future predictions for 2015 promised us flying cars, rehydrated pizza and a popular use of fax machines and telephone booths. While we don't have flying cars or rehydrated pizza, we do have fax machines and telephone booths. However, they have become almost completely obsolete and replaced by smartphones. Unlike Back to the Future predicted for 2015, we can actually use these smartphones to help us with our New Year's Resolutions.

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According to WebMD, by the end of January each year about 36 percent of people who made resolutions have stopped pursuing their goals, and after six months, that number increases to 56 percent.

This year, why not use your smartphone for a greater purpose than just posting on social media and forming more group chats than you ever wanted to be a part of? Use smartphones to make your New Year's resolutions actually stick.

1. Lose Weight

iPhone and Android: Lose It!

With a database of more than 1 million food and exercise entries, this calorie-counter app is a great way to lose weight. Set your personal weight loss goals, and let this app take care of the planning. The barcode scanner allows for quick and easy calorie counting. Stay encouraged on your weight-loss journey with support groups of users as well.

Cost: Free/ Offers in-app purchases

2. Quit Smoking

iPhone: LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach- Dare to Quit Smoking

Track your daily cravings by setting up a personalized plan toward a smoke-free life. Use personal motivations and the built-in support group circle to reach your attainable goal.

Cost: Free/ Offers in-app purchases

Android: Quit Smoking- QuitNow!

By logging how many days it's been since your last smoke, this app calculates how much money you save, in addition to tracking your progress to motivate you to quit.

Cost: Free

3. Find a Significant Other

iPhone and Android: Happn

You've heard of French kissing, but how about a dating app developed in France? Happn works through your phone's location services in order to save you from that "missed opportunity" of seeing someone who interests you, but then letting them get away. By setting your age and gender preferences, this app lets you swipe through all the people who fit your specifications that are in your general area. If both parties show interest then the app connects them for a chat. Assuming that cute guy or girl you saw at the New Year's Eve party has the app, you could happen upon their profile.

Cost: Free/ Offers in-app purchases

4. Save Money

iPhone and Android: Mint Personal Finance

Track spending, create a budget and save money by keeping yourself financially accountable on this app. Mint allows you to keep track of all your bills in one safe place.

It protects your data with the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks use. Receive bill reminders and check your credit score for free with this financial app.

Cost: Free

5. Get Organized

iPhone and Android: Google Docs

Create, edit and save documents in one place that can be accessed on any internet-accessible device just by signing into your Google account. Collaborate on documents with others by using this app. Don't worry about computers crashing or losing USB drives ever again because everything saves online.

Cost: Free

6. Eat Healthier When Dining Out

iPhone and Android: Restaurant Nutrition

Ever wonder how many calories your favorite restaurant menu items have? Make healthier choices when eating out with this app's database of more than 100 restaurants and 15,000 food items.

Cost: Free/ Offers in-app purchases

7. Drink More Responsibly

iPhone: IntelliDrink - BAC Calculator

Monitor your blood alcohol content with this app so that you know when it's safe to drive again.

Cost: $1.99

Android: AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

This app tracks alcohol consumption to allow you to get a better handle on how much you drink and even change your drinking habits.

Cost: Free/ Offers in-app purchases

8. Get Out More

iPhone and Android: Groupon

Get the gang together to go save 50 to 70 percent on activities such as mini-golf, go-carting, restaurants and more. This app can keep your wallet and heart happy.

Cost: Free

9. Learn to Play Guitar

iPhone and Android: Ultimate Guitar Tabs

This is the mobile version of the world's largest catalog of guitar and ukulele chords, tabs and lyrics. The chord diagrams and interactive guitar lessons are suited to help any beginner who wants to learn this skill.

Cost: iPhone- $2.99; Android- $1.49; Both offers in-app purchases

10. Take Up Running

iPhone and Android: Run with Map My Run

Have your own personal running coach in your pocket with this app that keeps track of your pace, distance, calories burned and more. Use the GPS Route Mapping feature to provide new routes for you to run. Train your body to push itself further each time until you reach your own personal goal.

Cost: Free/ Offers in-app purchases


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