This past Friday, Late Knights held the first-ever Late Knights Talent Show in the Pegasus Ballroom.

The Friday night event in the Pegasus Ballroom was packed with excited students; the line for the show reached from the ballroom's entrance all the way to the staircase in the Student Union lobby.

Of the 15 talent acts performed during the three-hour show, the crowd's favorite was the last act, a hip-hop performance Collision Dance Group. A panel of judges later chose three overall winners.

Blake Anderson, student director for CAB and one of the event's three judges, said that the performers were assessed in relation to their originality, presentation, appearance, appeal and overall performance.

Octavia Page, a psychology major, was the first-place winner of the talent show. Page is a belly dancer for the Shimmy Knights dance troupe who improvised her entire performance 30 minutes before she went on stage. She practiced her choreography in the dressing room, dancing to music from her cellphone, next to janitorial equipment.

"I did not practice at all before. I just didn't have the time, but I'm pretty confident that I'll be good at improving it," Page said.

All of the performers were selected through an audition process. Aryton Fernandez, a performer dressed in colorful joker hat who demonstrated his skills with the Chinese Yo-Yo, said that the audition process was fairly simple.

"You basically audition in front of two people and then they give you an email or a text saying that you got in and that you have to come to rehearsals, which were yesterday, and then we rehearsed again before the show," Fernandez said.

The crowd responded to Friday's acts with great enthusiasm and thunderous applause. Taylor Kugel, a film major, said that the show was good and that her favorite act was by the spoken-word poet Bobby Foster.

"I thought it was really well done, and all of the acts were really creative in their own ways. I was really impressed overall," Kugel said.


Gabby Baquero is a Contributing Writer for the Central Florida Future.

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