Spring is just a day away, and thanks to the campus Holi festival, the air — and students — will be just as colorful as the blooming flowers.

UCF's Indian Student Association, also known as Sangam, will be hosting its very own Holi festival out by Lake Claire on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Also known as the Festival of Colors, Holi is a historically Hindu holiday celebrating the coming of spring and the first day of the spring harvest, though it has gained Western popularity.

During the festivities at UCF, color powder is thrown, sprayed and splattered, oftentimes leaving celebrators with blues, reds, yellows and pinks splattered all over their faces and clothes.

While the festival itself dates back to the fourth century, Sangam has been hosting its own festival since 1983, when it became a registered student organization on campus.

Preparations for the event start about four months prior, with weekly executive board meetings leading up to the event.

Even though the event is meant to celebrate spring's arrival, Sangam sees its educational potential as well.

"We host this event because, as the Indian Student Association on campus, we hope to raise awareness of our culture and expose our traditions to all UCF students, regardless of their cultural or heritage," said Shivan Vyas, a junior health sciences major and Sangam president. "This event in India is one of the most celebrated events, only behind Diwali."

The event is free for all UCF students, with food provided. As the UCF event page states, "[Sangam provides] the color — you are the canvas."


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