With Korean pop music filling a room splashed with bright yellow and pink walls, the atmosphere at 5F(x) Ice Cream is one-of-a-kind.

Having opened its Waterford Lakes Town Center location in April, the ice cream shop is one of the newest additions to the popular shopping center.

Jay Yoo, along with his wife Hajin Yoo and brother-in-laws Yong Kim and Doyoub Park, owns and operates the new business near UCF, which specializes in Asian-style ice cream and sweet cakes made in front of the customer by skilled artists.

"It's all about fresh," Jay said. "When people come to 5F(x), they're getting the freshest ingredients, and we want to create that fun environment. It's ice cream, it should be fun."

5F(x) items are lactose-free, giving customers their choice of milk and a variety of different flavors.

The ice cream is made from scratch by mixing milk with the customer's selected flavor on an indented circle in the countertop. It is then smoothed and flipped with large utensils in order to craft the creamy treat in a unique way, and as fresh as possible.

"Some people see ice cream as one kind of market. With the way we make ice cream, everybody is our market," Jay said.

Jay said his inspiration for the style of his business comes from Korean roots.

The name "5F(x)" comes from the mathematical concept of functions, with the five basic Fs referring to the the functions of the business: fresh, fruits, fun treats, friendly and franchise.

The first location is located in Jacksonville, and was originally called 3F(x) in March 2012.

Jin Yoon, the franchiser and CEO of 3F(x) Ice Cream, Inc., first came up with the concepts, original store name of 3F(x) and the meaning behind the new store name 5F(x) in early 2015. He is the owner of the first location in Jacksonville store.

Jay said he travels back and forth from the Jacksonville and Orlando locations multiple times per week in order to assure that the business is running smoothly.

Along with the ice cream, taiyaki is also served — described as an Asian-style waffle baked and injected with a filling, such as apple cinnamon or Nutella.

Jay looks to make the community more aware of his style of ice cream, with fresh ingredients and an even fresher personality.

"It makes me happy when people say that it's great," Jay said. "We work hard and I just want people to know more about it because when they do, they'll know how good it is."


Timothy Briggs is a contributing writer for the Central Florida Future.

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