Black, white, short, long, polka-dotted, acid-washed or plain blue denim, overalls have been around for centuries and have been popular for many of them — this year included.

"I grew up in Kansas and overalls remind me of the men in my family, out on the farm and covered in dirt. They signify hard work and have always been more about function than fashion to me," said Jeanette Scott, author of J's Everyday Fashion, an Orlando-based fashion blog.

But recently, overalls have been trending for more than their practicality. The style has been seen on celebrities from Kendall Jenner, who wore faded gray full-length overalls with cuffed legs, to Rihanna, who opted for leather overalls.

Senior Angela Minerva said the style appeals to the resurgence of denim and vintage trends.

With rising temperatures, Minerva said overall dresses and shorts are making a comeback.

"I definitely think it's a 'love it or hate it' trend," said the business management and entrepreneurship major. "I feel like it has the same appeal as high-waisted shorts — girls like them because they're comfortable and cover their stomachs."

Katee Blizzard, a senior hospitality major, said overalls are seen on people who are going for a retro look.

"I don't think overalls are coming back altogether, but I have definitely seen more overall shorts lately," she said. "To me, they just add two extra steps you need to take before peeing — not my thing."

While Blizzard and Scott both share the image of a farmer wearing long overalls, Scott said the trendy casual wear reminds her of her childhood.

"I haven't tried the overalls trend yet, but I think they look adorable on other people," she said. "I can picture myself with kids someday, running around with sneakers and a messy pony tail, rocking some overalls."

Minerva said the best way to get the look is to shop second-hand stores for vintage overalls that are worn out in all the right places.


Alissa Smith is a contributing writer for the Central Florida Future.

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