Three-time winner of Cupcake Wars and Sweet! by Good Golly Miss Holly owner, Hollis Wilder, left Food Network's Cake Wars empty-handed on Monday's episode, finishing the competition as the runner-up.

Wilder was up against three contestants, Dana Herbert, Bree Miller and Kristina Serfass.

The episode consisted of two rounds and revolved around a soon-to-be bride and groom who won the opportunity through to have a dream wedding, which includes a cake from the episode's winner. The couple joined Ron Ben-Israel and Waylynn Lucas to serve as the judges throughout the episode.

During "batter up" or the first round, the task was to design a mini wedding cake while also incorporating the engagement and two ingredients including peppers, mole, black beans, dulce de leche and margarita. Wilder managed to incorporate three ingredients, more than the other contestants, and used edible paper instead of fondant.

"I'm definitely a perfectionist. I'm driven by this inner source of competition with myself. I don't like to be second," Wilder said on the show.

While the critics applauded her for the cake's taste, they criticized the design, claiming it was hard to understand without explanation, but Wilder made it to the next round.

In the final round, the task was to combine all the things that brought the couple together into a wedding cake. The three contestants were given four hours and three assistants to do so. All of the contestants had a similar approach and tried to portray the couple's love story in cake tiers.

"I've never made a cake with this many tiers. It's 25 inches wide by a small child high. Outside of the box, over the top cakes, I don't know how to do it any other way," Wilder said on the show.

Wilder's lime zest cake with chocolate mousse and strong symbolism and texture got criticized by the judges for appearing as if it was leaning and tasting dense and chewy. The appearance of the cake still managed to make the soon-to-be bride tear up.

Despite the bride's tears, Wilder's cake still managed to place second and send her home without the $10,000 prize money.


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