With 180 buildings sitting on approximately 1,415 acres of land, UCF’s main campus has plenty of locations for students to utilize, whether they are looking for a quiet place to study or an open area to work on a group project.

Students may find it almost impossible to walk around and not see others with laptops or textbooks, inhabiting every corner of campus. Whether you’re the type to sit in the shade and read a textbook, or find a quiet area with few distractions, UCF offers spots around campus for almost every type of student.

1. John C. Hitt Library

Located in front of the Reflecting Pond, UCF’s five-story library gives students the opportunity to study in an environment that suits their personal comfort, as each floor gets quieter the higher you go. Rows of computers are available for students to use, and students can also sign up at the front desk for study rooms throughout the library.

And if you need a little pick-me-up or snack to get you motivated to work, a café is located on the second floor — the floor with the main entrance — where coffee, sandwiches and snacks are sold.

2. Technology Commons

What used to be an old computer center, Tech Commons is now like a digital café, where students can do work, sip on coffee and visit computer technicians, all in one location. The state-of-the-art facility features a variety of computer labs, allowing use to both Mac and Windows desktops, a shop that sells school supplies and accessibility to printers and lockers.

Tech Commons, which is located near the Student Union, has proven to be a favorite study spot for some Knights due to its convenient location on campus.

“I like to study here because it’s the best of both worlds. You can sit and get work done in a relaxed environment, but at the same time, you can get food and work with a group,” said Maria Ramirez, a senior advertising-public relations major.

3. The Reflecting Pond

Home to UCF’s Homecoming Spirit Splash, the Reflecting Pond is a serene spot on campus where many students lie in the grass and study.

For students who prefer to get some fresh air while studying, the pond serves as a peaceful area to hit the books while relaxing, and it is a favorite for many Knights when the weather gets cooler.

“We have such a beautiful campus, so it’s really nice to make the most of that and study outside for a change,” said senior education major Christa Haggerty. “Most of the time it’s pretty quiet around the Reflecting Pond, so it’s a good spot to study or do homework. Plus it has a great view.”

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4. Student Union

Located in the heart of campus, the Student Union not only features a variety of dining options and conference rooms, but it also consists of designated group-study areas.

On the third floor of the Union, students can sit at large tables with groups to do work in an area called Group Study.

5. All Knight Study

For students who need to cram for a test or put in long hours of work, All Knight Study is open 24 hours, seven days per week at Knights Plaza near the CFE Arena, and 24 hours, five days per week at Ferrell Commons.

With its two locations, students are able to use study rooms, computers and couches to study in a comfortable manner. All Knight Study also includes free printing with your student ID.


Rosie Reitze is a Contributing Writer for the Central Florida Future.

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