UCF may be known best for its large student body and football team, but not for sex and partying.

The popular dating site, OkCupid, recently ranked the top 20 schools in the nation according to three categories: attractiveness, partying and sex drive.

UCF, along with the rest of the Florida schools, did not make the OkCupid cut.

The Yale Bulldogs topped the charts at No. 1 for sex drive, No. 1 for attractiveness and No. 8 for partying. Brown University ranked No. 1 for partying, No. 3 for attractiveness and No. 2 for sex drive.

Other schools that made the rankings include Harvard, Columbia, Duke and Vanderbilt.

OkCupid formed the rankings from users active during the 2014-2015 school year, aging from 18 to 24, who registered with email addresses corresponding to the schools listed.

For a complete list of the rankings, visit OkCupid's website.


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