In a social media era when communication is limitless, beauty bloggers have emerged and formed a community of their own with a strong following.

With no official hair styling or makeup training, health services alumna Elizabeth Berry talks beauty with thousands of followers daily on her site,

By posting reviews of various products and her own personal routines, Berry said blogging gives both the creator and the audience a certain freedom.

“Blogging and social media are powerful in this generation because we’re not only limited to what media giants want us to view anymore,” Berry said. “Now we can watch everyday people explain how they honestly feel about a product before we make purchase, instead of trusting a celebrity endorsed TV commercial.”

Berry, whose blog has more than 58,000 views, started beauty blogging six years ago, after posting a video about caring for thick, curly hair on her YouTube channel, which has more than 6,000 subscribers. 

“After a few people watched and left positive comments on my first video, I decided to make more,” Berry said. “A lot of the comments came from mixed race girls and moms that were caring for their daughters’ hair. I identified with them and felt great to share products that worked; I didn’t want them to have to waste as much money experimenting with products as I did while in middle school.”

According to WordPress, a common platform for bloggers of all kind, users produce about 41.7 million new posts monthly. With the freedom to create content on virtually any topic, sites like WordPress — whose mission is to “democratize publishing one website at a time” — put the power in the hands of the individual.

In addition to content blogging, social media is also an influential tool to the beauty guru community. Danielle Ramirez, a UCF sophomore health sciences major, recently took to Instagram to share her love for makeup. Ramirez, also know as @makeupbydanram on Instagram, said makeup is her forte.

“The thing I love most about makeup is how you can create millions of looks, yet your raw face is always underneath it all,” said Ramirez. “You have the ability to create something new after you wipe it off.”

Having just begun her journey into the world of makeup, posting photos of her makeup creations is just a hobby for now. Ramirez said she hopes to expand her interests into more than something on the side, possibly turning her makeup skills into a career.


Rosie Reitze is a Contributing Writer for the Central Florida Future.

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