Twenty standups went up and only 10 remain. The first round of this year’s Last Knight Standing is a wrap.

Last night was the annual Campus Activities Board event Last Knight Standing, a competition for amateur comedians to get up in front a crowd, tell some jokes and earn a chance to open for a nationally touring comedian when they perform at UCF.

In the first of three rounds, 20 people got a chance at five minutes to convince the judges and crowd that they should be moved on. Only 10 people were chosen for the semi-finals scheduled for March 16, in which the group will be further cut down to five for the finals on April 13.

A human communications major, Brandon Jarrell, missed a recent comedy night at Wackadoo’s, but jumped at the chance once he heard about the event .

“I like the more educated standup comedians. It’s college students [here]. It’s like the pioneers,” Jarrell said. “I forget his name, but I had a class with one of the performers and everything he says is well articulated and I just thought ‘I have to see his standup’.”

Looking forward to the next round, many of the competitors are excited to go up against people they’ve already performed with.

“I’ve seen these other people do open mics, and I love their material. So I’m excited to be surrounded by them as opposed to someone who was like, ‘Oh my friends told me I was funny, so I signed up’,” said Ryan Goodwin who is one of the semi-finalists.

“I’ll have to rewrite a bunch of my jokes so they are 10 times funnier. Half of them are like my best friends and way funnier than me, so we’ll see how that goes, but I’m excited,” said Ryan Gonyon, who is moving to the next round.

The CAB comedy director, Chris Mayhew, considered the night a success, especially compared to previous years.

“I think [the night] went pretty good,” Mayhew said. “There’s a lot of people. The comedians were better. They didn’t say anything too vulgar. We’ve never had lines out the door. We’ve never had people standing to watch. It was actually a very good turnout.”

“In the past we did it at Wackadoo’s, but there was no traffic there, and we’ve done Knight’s Plaza, just the same thing; no traffic. This year, we actually got the equipment ourselves so we could do it here, and we can work with the owner.”

The next round will be March 16 at Burger U. The finals will take place on April 13, but the location will be announced at a later date.

“Come out to the next round, different specials, same funny comedians,” Mayhew said.


Christopher Bobo is a contributing writer for the Central Florida Future.

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