This site is basically too good to be true, especially for us broke college students. compiles a variety of knick-knacks, electronics and gadgets for sale on Amazon under $20. It’s definitely a great way to ensure your bank account doesn’t go on one of those scary diets and is ideal for the holidays and friends’ birthdays coming up.
Professors always stress how important it is to write thank-you notes after interviews, and, supposedly handwritten notes are best, but who wants the hassle of using snail mail? allows you to add a personal touch in your letters to potential employers by giving you the chance to create a font from your own handwriting with some simple instructions that involve templates, markers and scanning. It’s likely worth the few minutes if you’re aiming to leave a good impression.
Maybe grammar bored you to death in high school and you refused to pay attention, maybe you had a terrible English teacher or maybe you just plain suck at it. Whatever the case, Grammarly is essentially a godsend for those of you struggling with all those essays and research papers. It is a browser extension that checks your emails, Facebook posts, LinkedIn and any word documents you paste into it. The basic plan is free and corrects all of the grammar and spelling mistakes Microsoft Word tends to miss.
After hours of writing an essay you procrastinated on and finished a few hours before dawn, the annoying bibliography is usually the last thing you want to deal with. You just want your bed, pillow and maybe a time travel device to steal eight hours of sleep. So unless you have Doc Brown and Marty McFly on speed dial, is likely your best option. All you need is the URL address for the website you used or a book’s ISBN, and BibMe will automatically format your sources into MLA, APA, Chicago style, etc. As for your purple eye bags — tough luck, man.
This little secret makes any website printer friendly, meaning sans the ugly advertisements, photos and other junk. It’s fairly simple to use: just input the URL and click anything you want to eliminate in the preview that appears. You can then print it right away or save it as a pdf for later.
Yes, the website sounds weird, and looks even weirder with its neon green and black presentation, but don’t judge a site by its poorly chosen name. Paying for music is a luxury most college students can’t partake in, hence the age of Spotify, YouTube and Pandora. is quite similar, except it’s completely free and pulls all of its music from It literally has every musical genre you can think of off the top of your head and makes you look like a computer hacker to anyone looking over your shoulder. Best part? There are no annoying advertisements, and it has unlimited skipping.
This site is great for late nights spent writing essays, books, poems or jjournal entries. It’s akin to a virtual Starbucks in that it allows you to relax while writing by minimizing distractions with a full-screen window, peaceful color schemes, backgrounds, ambient music and the keyboard clicks you'd hear from an old-fashioned typewriter. It has a very minimalist look to it, and you can modify the background image, font and music. Fair warning: They ask for a minimum donation of $5.11 before downloading the application. So, watch the demo video before deciding.
This free website just killed all of your excuses for having a lackluster resume. The online resume maker is seriously an invaluable resource for college students new to resume writing. It basically holds your hand and guides you through the process of creating your resume by suggesting skills, sections and phrases to choose from. There are resume samples grouped by industry, resume templates for downloading and loads of tips and guides for cover letters, interviews and thank-you notes. Once you’re done, just export the resume to Microsoft Word or as a PDF. Congratulations, you probably just saved your resume from a guaranteed trip to the trash bin.
Everyone knows one of the best perks of being a college student are the numerous deals and discounts. Take full advantage of them while you still can with This website helps you find ways to save a few bucks with car rentals, textbooks, clothing stores, wireless service carriers, cashback deals, magazine subscriptions and basically anything you think of typing into the search bar.

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