A new online video-tutoring service could help students improve their grades without ever stepping foot in the library, or better yet, changing out of their pajamas.

UCF has been named one of the first 14 schools to gain access to Clutch Prep's online video tutoring.

"We believe that fancy tools are not the key to learning, but instead it's simple explanations that help students actually understand the material," said marketing director Patrick O'Keefe.

With its company slogan reading "We Simplify Your Studying," the new online tutoring service aims to help students in courses such as chemistry I and II, organic chemistry I, physics I, calculus I and statistics I.

By providing video guides that match textbooks, students will be able to receive the full class-learning experience.

"Unlike other video study sites like Khan Academy, our video lectures are customized for specific textbooks and geared more specifically toward students getting better grades," O'Keefe said.

Students will be able to take adv

Clutch Prep was founded four years ago in Miami by organic chemistry tutor Johnny Betancourt and physics tutor Marcio Souza.antage of these guides for free, which include concept videos, examples and practice problems.

"We spent hours upon hours reading blogs and articles, watching countless videos. In a few weeks, we were drastically more fluent and knowledgeable in 'start-up theory,' and what successful start-ups were doing right," Souza said.

O'Keefe said Betancourt and Souza were well-known private tutors, assisting students attending FIU.

"They were highly successful private tutors and noticed their teaching styles were very similar," O'Keefe said. "They believed that they could take those methods to create a group tutoring business helping FIU students."

At FIU, results have proven that students scored 13.4 points higher just after using Clutch Prep.

After upgrading offices and having the opportunity to add many new learning subjects for students, the company decided to shift to online video tutoring.

UCF has become phase one of Clutch Prep's push to expanding to 14 universities nationwide.

"We are currently in the elite Techstars Chicago start-up accelerator and hope to expand nationwide over the next year," O'Keefe


The company has been able to raise money for charity at the beginning of the Techstars program.

"Early in 2013, my co-founders and I decided to apply to several of the top start-up accelerators in the U.S., including Techstars Chicago, wh

14 session," Souza said. "When we started the application process, we had no idea if we were ready, but as an academic-focused start-up, we prepared as best as we knew how — we studied up."ich eventually accepted us into their summer 20

With seven programs in top start-up locations in Boston, Boulder, Chicago, New York City, Seatt

The program invests $118,000 in each company it funds and is backed by more than 75 different venture capital firms and angel investors who are vested in its success, according to its website.le, London and Austin, Techstars is the No. 1 start-up accelerator in the world.

"We have plans to offer more pre-health focused classes in the ne

ar future," O'Keefe said. "All content on the site is free to access."

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