All UCF Athletic Director Todd Stansbury had to say was two words: "tiki bar." Those two words morphed a proposed East Side Club section — directly opposite the club level in the Bright House Networks Stadium tower — into a legend of its own.

Stansbury's exact words hint at what the East Side Club section could bring to Bright House Networks Stadium in 2015.

"Stansbury said he wants people to see 'palm trees and flip-flops' when UCF football games are on TV," a 2013 Sports Business Daily report states.

Originally proposed with an approximated $1.4 million price tag, the cost has since ballooned to an estimated $2.5 million, UCF spokesman Andy Seeley said in an email.

"The East Side Club could be a sponsorship opportunity, and we're actively pursuing sponsorship for it," Seeley said. "Since the club will generate its own revenue, it isn't a project we need to raise funds for."

The club section is expected to have an open-air feel to it, where food and alcohol will be served in a premium-seating experience. Fans can currently purchase club seating on the west sideline, which is the only place alcohol is served in the stadium.

The East Side Club will be a similar experience.

"In terms of those kinds of amenities, it will be very similar to what's available in the club on the west side," Seeley said, "the exception being that this will be an open-air concept."

The East Side Club construction is expected to begin in spring 2015, and construction should take approximately four months, allowing it to be open for the 2015 season.

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