Students react to the new UCF financial aid policy and offer suggestions. The policy states students must complete a designated assignment in each class or their financial aid could be withheld. Arnold Godoy, Central Florida Future


UCF has implemented a policy that could prevent students from receiving financial aid on time.

The policy states that a student must complete one assignment during the first week of classes in order to receive his or her financial-aid disbursement. Students who add or change a class within the first week of classes will have until Aug. 27 in order to complete their first-week assignment.

"In essence, the regulation states that students who receive federal student aid must be academically engaged in each course in which they are enrolled," an email sent to all UCF faculty members on behalf of Provost Dale Whittaker states. "Without verification of this engagement, students will not receive their aid."

The email states that this is in compliance with a federal financial-aid regulation.

While senior interdisciplinary studies major Shanae Thomas understands the policy, she believes it wasn't totally executed properly.

"It's kind of a bad timing for them to implement it, but it's a good idea," Thomas said. "So maybe [it would have been better] if they fixed the timing."

The assignment does not have to be graded, but it can be at the discretion of the professor, and must be turned in by Aug. 27.

Students who do not complete the required assignment could see a delay in the disbursement of their financial aid. But another viewpoint to measure engagement would be for teachers to simply take roll.

"If they want to know if we're there, enforce the teachers to take roll," said Jhane Stepherson-Lowry, a freshman radio-television major. "And if we're engaged, then look at our grades."

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