Just when you thought Siri could do it all, a newly developed student app was created to say what you couldn't get off the tip of your tongue.

Two UCF students came together to develop Catchphrasers — an app that provides more than 50 everyday phrases available at your fingertips.

Although the app was just created about three months ago and is not fully developed yet, the overall objective is to incorporate a sound with each phrase.

So if you are watching an intense soccer game and your team scores, press the 'GOAL' button and a voice-operated sound will shout out the phrase.

Available for a free download on the iPhone App Store and Google Play, Catchphrasers incorporates 12 "favorite" buttons for quick use and access to future content updates.

"I personally see it as being the next big thing," Catchphrasers creator, senior and legal studies major Dylan Conroy said.

Conroy became the founder, CEO and mobile application developer of his company, Oooppa Interactive LLC.

Oooppa Interactive was created after the famous Greek catchphrase "OPA," which is an interjection used as an expression of joy or high spirits.

"I have a lot of Greek friends and I see how they make the phrase a big deal. I always liked the sound so I always said if I ever came up with a company, it would sound like 'OPA'," Conroy said.

While watching a basketball game and his favorite player, Paul Pierce, Conroy liked how Pierce's nickname is 'The Truth' and saw the fans shouting it out.

"How cool would it be to have Paul Pierce's nickname accessible on your phone?" Conroy said.

Fifth-year senior and French major Andrew Ma has been Conroy's support system ever since their freshman year of high school, and eventually became his business partner.

"This app pretty much started out of the blue. Dylan had the idea for a really long time, so he finally tried it," Ma said.

Ma also handles everything on the technology side, as well as emails and messaging.

As far as future plans, Conroy and Ma are attempting to start a partnership with UCF so they are able to use campus logos and phrases for the app, such as "Go Knights!"

Ma said that since the initial idea is already out there, he would have to devote his full attention in order for the app to take off.

"We have to constantly think about updates and potential organizations. After graduation, I'd like to use my French degree to incorporate different languages in the app," Ma said.

Although there isn't a source of compensation yet, Ma and Conroy hope for everyone to download and try using the app.

"If you like it, download the free version. Use it all the time. Tell your friends," Ma said.

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