The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gained popularity nationwide — and UCF's College of Medicine is no exception.

On Friday, more than 100 students, as well faculty and staff members from the college took the challenge. Dr. Deborah German, the founding dean of the 6-year-old medical school, led the ALS "WAVE."

German challenged every medical school dean in America and every dean of every college at UCF to take the challenge to raise awareness and research dollars for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The movement has already raised about $42 million, according to the New York Times.

Lined up with ice buckets in hand, several participants awaited as German talked about the devastating impact ALS has "on our loved ones and our patients," according to a press release.

The dean paid tribute to a former colleague, a rheumatologist who had cared for her mother, who "suffered through this horrendous disease with dignity through the very end."

Then, the four rows of medical students, graduate students, teachers and staff followed the dean as she dumped a bucket of ice water on her head.

Water poured out of each bucket onto more than 100 people in a "WAVE" that drew screams, gasps and cheers.

Xinwei Liu, president of the college's class of 2017, came up with the idea to hold this college-wide event.

Although many students had already been challenged individually by friends and family to complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Liu said he wanted to organize a bigger event for the entire college that is training the next generation of physicians and scientists.

"It shows we care," Liu said in the release. "All of us came together and did this with our dean."

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