The saying that UCF stands for "Under Construction Forever" is proving itself true once again, as UCF President John C. Hitt announced the addition of another new building that will break ground in December.

School officials have announced that along with new hires, salary raises for faculty and new investments on the horizon, UCF will also be pursuing a new building that will rest along Memory Mall.

The three-story building will be 50,000 square feet and be dedicated to the Global UCF program, which provides international students with opportunities to study at UCF.

"This building will be located on Memory Mall next (southeast) to Garage D and across the mall from Fairwinds Alumni Center," said UCF spokeswoman Zenaida Gonzalez Kotala in an email. "It is in easy walking distance from where most of the Global UCF students will be housed (Towers Residence Halls)."

Gonzalez Kotala said the building will have areas where students can congregate both in front and on the north side of the building, as well as inside on the first floor.

"The Global UCF administration will be housed in the first floor of this building, along with meeting room area, faculty offices and four classrooms," Gonzalez Kotala said.

Of the four classrooms, three will have a capacity of 30 students, and one will be a 40-student classroom. Gonzalez Kotala added that the second floor will have faculty offices, seven 30-student and two 40-student classrooms. The third floor will have six 30-student and two 40-student classrooms.

"Many of these classrooms will be dual use between Global UCF and Continuing Education," Gonzalez Kotala said.

This is all part of a plan to appeal to international students, which has been a goal of the university's for years, Hitt said in a speech given to faculty prior to the start of classes.

"Since I became president in 1992, one of our five goals has been to provide an international focus to our curricula and research programs," he said. "This fall, we are embarking on an ambitious effort to attract outstanding students from around the world who will help us meet this goal."

Global UCF is part of UCF's partnership with Shorelight Education, an organization that funds and manages leading universities' aspirations to grow, create new revenue streams and expand options for students.

"[The program] provides services through its International Pathway School model that provides preparation for international students who seek admission to U.S. universities and who would benefit from an extended preparatory program in which they acquire language and study skills, along with course credit to satisfy certain progression requirements," Gonzalez Kotala said.

UCF currently has 30 international students enrolled in the Global UCF program for the fall semester.

These students will experience an intensive first-year experience to provide them with the academic, social and language skills needed to graduate from UCF, Hitt said.

Eventually, the university hopes Global UCF will attract an excess of 1,000 students annually, Gonzalez Kotala said. This would enhance cultural exchanges on campus and generate much-needed revenue.

"We believe Global UCF could attract hundreds of students annually, enhancing cultural exchanges on campus and generating much-needed revenue in these days of reduced state support," Hitt said.

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