Herman Cain, a man who once said "Stupid people are running America," will broadcast his radio show nationwide right from UCF this Wednesday.

Cain, who was a candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, will broadcast from the UCF Student Union's Cape Florida Ballroom from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The live radio show will be aired nationally in place of his syndicated radio show "Cain 24/7."

Before he was a presidential candidate, he served as a senior economic advisor in Washington. He was on the Board of Directors in several companies, including Aquila, Nabisco and Whirlpool, and was the CEO of both the National Restaurant Association and Godfather's Pizza.

Although America never came to call Mr. Cain Mr. President, he has made a household name for himself as an American author, business executive, radio host, syndicated columnist and Tea Party activist.

Self-proclaimed sometimes politically incorrect, Cain previously visited UCF in 2012 as a part of his College Truth Tour when he spoke about economic problems. He pointed to the university's student body as why the former candidate wanted to come back.

"When I was here last, I had a really good experience with the students," Cain said. "The questions and interactions I had with the students were great. I've always loved speaking with college students and on college campuses. I want them to be informed about the issues … "

Cain said he has visited more than 140 college campuses around the nation, speaking to students about what's going on in the nation and why — and that's what he plans to do at UCF.

"I'll be talking about a couple of things before I turn it over for questions. The first is going to be the state of the economy. Then I'll be talking about the American Dream and what we can do to take it back. Finally, I'm going to be talking about how important it is to be a part of the group," he said. "It's really important to be informed, inspired and involved. People have to be a part of something and be engaged in it. It doesn't matter what. Voting is important and so is being in a club, but the main thing is to be involved in something, to be part of a group."

Cain also praised the local radio station he works with, WDBO 96.5, for helping to make the event happen.

WDBO Program Director Drew Anderssen spoke highly of UCF for a venue choice.

"UCF, and specifically the Student Government Association, who is sponsoring the event, has been a terrific partner to us," Anderssen said. "We're expecting about 350 to 400 people at the event, with the seats being mostly first come, first serve. There will be the chance to participate in the broadcast by asking questions. Your question – and your voice – could be heard on national radio."

College Republican Chairman Jenny Bautista encourages students to attend the broadcast.

"I think it's very important that college students should be beginning take notice about the economic challenges that our generation is facing," she said. "College students today are facing higher tuition and higher unemployment rates. I believe that going to events like these are important because they're good ways for students to get more educated and more involved in these matters."

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