Law-enforcement agencies arrested three individuals as a result of actions at the UCF versus Bethune-Cookman home game on Sept. 20, compared with the five arrests made throughout all of last season's home games.

Only one of these arrests, according to documents provided by UCF Police Department public information officer Courtney Gilmartin, was through UCF PD. One was through the Orange County Sheriff's Office and the other was through the Division of Alcohol Beverages and Tobacco.

The arrest made through UCF PD was in regard to a violation of injunction, as well as trespassing, by Sean Shahid — who is on probation — against his ex-girlfriend, according to the arrest affidavit, and was reported by the ex-girlfriend on Sept. 21.

This arrest, Gilmartin said in an email, was not a physical arrest and charges are being filed with the state attorney's office.

Throughout all of last season, there were 63 trespass warnings, 82 notices to appear and 87 student-conduct referrals issued.

At the UCF versus B-CU game, there were 11 trespass warnings, 20 notices to appear and 22 student-conduct referrals issued.

Notices to appear, Gilmartin said, are typically for underage drinking violations. However, not all of these sanctions are against UCF students.

"It's important to know that oftentimes the people who require police officers to intervene in their activities are visitors with no academic or professional ties to the university," Gilmartin said. "Most violations that students commit are minor and generally deal with alcohol violations."

Despite the high number of arrests at the home opener compared with last season, Gilmartin said the game against B-CU was nothing out of the ordinary.

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