UCF students learned today how they could become successful on the second-largest search engine in the world.

The "YouTube Monetization and Marketing" workshop was held at the Blackstone Launchpad in the Student Union and was hosted by Bree Gotsdiner, an adjunct professor at UCF and owner of Publically Related, a public-relations firm located in Central Florida. At the workshop she explained all the ins and outs of YouTube and how it can be utilized to bring exposure to businesses, big or small.

"Basically, I want to open up a wellness center and I want to advertise through YouTube," said Chris Parrott, a sport and exercise science major who attended the workshop to learn more about what the video-sharing site has to offer.

The reason why people go to YouTube is because it's an easy and inexpensive way to optimize and share content, Gotsdiner said. It is also a good way to reach and engage an audience.

But in order to gain an audience, users must first make a YouTube account and start uploading content. It's important for videos to make an emotional connection with the audience, who in turn will share the video with others.

Gotsdiner explained that content can be found and discovered through video optimization, which can be done by adding keywords to the file name, title, description and tags that makes it searchable. Another way is to transcribe the video, which can be picked up by the Google search engine.

"One of the best ways to make money [on YouTube] is through Google AdSense," Gotsdiner said.

Google AdSense is program that allows users to make money off their online content. It's easy to sign up and users can start earning money for the content they post via advertisements placed on the videos.

Other than earning money from advertisements, content creators can be a part of sponsorship programs and create video series. Other alternatives include using other video-sharing sites such as Vimeo.

An example Gotsdiner used in her presentation showed a Google Analytics chart that revealed that a user could make about $400 in just advertising revenue alone in one year.

However, the amount of money users can make depends on how many views and clicks they receive on their videos and content, which is all monitored by Google and determined by its algorithms. So, there is no way of knowing specifically how much money an average person can earn.

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