The UCF College of Engineering and Computer Science was ranked No. 7 in the nation for Hispanic students.

Hispanic Business Magazine's annual report included a list of the top ten 2014 best engineering schools. UCF, which was ranked on the list for its 10th consecutive year, came ahead of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which ranked No. 8, and the University of Florida, which ranked No. 10.

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The list included a comparison of graduate school statistics, including Hispanic student enrollment and faculty presence. According to the magazine's breakdown, about 15 percent of all graduate UCF CECS students enrolled are Hispanic, and about 3 percent of the engineering faculty are Hispanic.

The top 10 schools are as follows:

1. Georgia Institute of Technology
2. University of Texas at Austin
3. Purdue University
4. University of Texas at El Paso
5. University of Texas at San Antonio
6. University of New Mexico
7. University of Central Florida
8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
9. Cal Poly Pomona
10. University of Florida

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