UCF's chapter of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity has been placed on disciplinary probation through the spring 2016 term after violating UCF's student conduct policies.

Under disciplinary probation, there will be restrictive conditions imposed on Lambda Chi Alpha, said Dana Juntunen, assistant dean of students and executive director for the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, in a letter to the fraternity.

All activities that the fraternity participates in or hosts must be alcohol-free through fall 2015. The organization may not host any social activities or participate in any tailgating activities for the remainder of the fall 2014 academic term.

"Future violations of the Organizational Rules of Conduct while on disciplinary probation puts the student organization's status with the university in jeopardy," Juntunen said.

The organization must also bring a speaker from the Wellness and Health Promotion Services Office to discuss alcohol education and responsible drinking behaviors for all members, with 85 percent of its active members in attendance. A speaker must also be brought from the Office of Integrity and Ethical Development for a presentation and discussion on the importance of group responsibility.

The fraternity's brothers must also participate in a Brotherhood retreat that will be facilitated by a staff member from the International Headquarters. A presentation must be made on what was learned from the Brotherhood and Alumni retreat, and how it will be applied to the fraternity chapter at UCF.

Lambda Chi Alpha was first accused of violating UCF's student conduct policies — namely alcohol possession, public urination and trashing UCF property — in September.

It all started when a student Lake Claire attendant noticed the fraternity in the Little Econ Pavilion on Sept. 19, the day before the Bethune-Cookman game. He believed the group intended to camp overnight at the location in order to reserve a good spot for tailgating. At around 11:20 p.m., an officer told them they had 10 minutes to leave or it would be considered trespassing.

The next day, Nathan Vink, assistant director of UCF's Outdoor Adventure, who reported the incidents, witnessed two members get into a fist fight. The altercation was quickly broken up by an officer, who said the student would receive a referral because he was cited earlier that day.

Vink also stated in the report that he saw a Lambda Chi member leave the Lake Claire boat house and return to the group. When he went to inspect the boat house, he found a puddle of liquid he believed to be urine. The student Lake Claire attendant also reported seeing the fraternity member stumble out of the boat house shortly before the puddle was discovered.

The area around where Lambda Chi was tailgating was also "a complete mess," according to Vink's report. The attendant said there were beer cans everywhere and the maintenance team refused to clean the area as it was the "messiest they have seen."

Later, a man was ticketed for peeing in public, and a fight broke out between two to three members of Lambda Chi Alpha.

The fraternity was also found to be drinking out of glass beer bottles, which is against UCF's tailgating regulations. Additionally, Greg Mason, director of fraternity and sorority housing, noted that it is against Greek policy for organizations to host tailgates with alcohol present within the first six weeks of school.

The group cleaned its area before leaving, but the attendant said they were clearly intoxicated.

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