It's no secret that UCF is sitting on billions of dollars. But you might not know that some of that dough is controlled by the very students who sit next to you in class.

The Central Florida Future compiled a list of the 10 most powerful students at UCF based off the budgets they oversee or money they control — and we aren't talking about Monopoly money.

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Weston Bayes, Student Body President — $751,550

Senior Political Science Pre-Law Major

"If there's something that we need money for, we use the presidential initiatives to fund it. I can take that money and transfer it to something else, such as programs that need funding and benefit students. Overall, I help oversee the executive budget. I want the budget to be used in the most effective way. Whatever dollar we spend goes right back to the students through programming, resources or fulfilling needs."

Sydney Altfield, Student Body Vice President — $751,550

Senior Event Management Major

"I oversee the executive cabinet. The directors report to me and tell me what their initiatives are and where the money is going to be spent. I help them facilitate everything that they are doing or plan to do. I help them focus on succeeding, and they do a great job."

Blake Anderson, CAB Student Director — $519,925

Junior Advertising and Public Relations Major

"In the grand scheme of things, it is my role to direct and maintain the overall function of CAB. This includes directing board meetings, offering assistance to other directors, handling conflicts and collaboration opportunities, and being the liaison between CAB and other organizations or departments such as SGA, OSI, ASF and many more. In the grand scheme of things, it is my role to direct and maintain the overall function of CAB. All expenditures that are done by CAB must be reviewed and approved by myself and our professionally staffed adviser. I also oversee and maintain the budget and check for any oddities and mishaps."

Tsciena White, Multicultural Center Student Director — $388,864

Senior Public Administration Major

"My job is to oversee our executive board and budget, and to make sure that our programming is catering to the student body. I make sure that our programs are encouraging diversity and inclusion on our campus, and that student dollars are allocated properly. Our budget goes toward programs such as Taste of UCF, where students were able to explore different cuisines from cultures around the world and we have guest speakers who promote our message. We use the money to put on impactful programs for the students where they can learn and feel included."

Kevin Washam, Homecoming Director — $346,425

Senior Public Relations Major

"I oversee the 13 directors on the board and they have their individual budgets. I oversee the entire budget and make sure that everybody is fiscally responsible and spending within their budget. I also balance the budget at the end of the year. I always wish I had more money, but overall the budget that we have is great. It allows us to put on events that students are happy with. From concerts, comedy night, Spirit Splash week and even putting on a fireworks event. If we want to expand the programs that we have by getting better artists, better comedians, I think it would be necessary to have a little bit more money, but for now we make do with what have."

Jordan Bueche, Sport Club Council President — $318,089

Senior Biomedical Sciences Major

"I overlook division of the budget and executive board decisions that are made. I call executive board funding meetings for when we're providing money or making a decision about changing any of our funding. The money helps fund clubs with equipment. For our competitive teams, it helps fund traveling to competitions or registrations."

Todd Currie, Volunteer UCF Director — $86,662

Senior Event Management Major

"I look into specifics in the budget line, and how to break it down for our programs. All of the money that we receive through SGA goes toward the students and community. This includes programs such as the Alternative Break Program, or our large scale programs like Knights Give Back."

Drew Strochak, Knight-Thon Director — $56,216

Senior Communication Sciences and Disorders Major

"I oversee our 34 percent leadership team and I manage our budget that we receive from A&SF dollar fees. I keep very close contact with the Greater Orlando Children's Miracle network hospital staff, because that is where our fundraising efforts go toward. A lot of our money goes toward events throughout the year, such as our 5Ks or purchasing different promo items to give out to students for free. Our main event is in the spring [Knight-Thon], on March 28-29, and that's where a big chunk of our money goes toward. It's in a different venue this year, the CFE Arena, so it's more expensive. There's different entertainment, different food, different activities that we put the money toward."

Jordan Gill, Late Knights Director — $34,225

Senior Event Management Major

"We have a system. If someone has to spend some money, they find price quotes. They give it to me, and then we discuss and decide if we need it or not. I've never had to do anything like this before where I had to keep track of where the money went and what we can spend it on. We can't go over a certain amount if we want to have enough money on future events. It puts some weight on your shoulder."

Jillian Manz, Knights of the Round Table Director — $29,305

Junior Elementary Education Major

"My responsibility is to oversee KoRT's budget by directing how much money is spent in the different areas of KoRT. I want KoRT's budget to benefit the students and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) through student involvement."

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