A recent downtown campus open forum left UCF faculty questioning the safety of the campus' expansion.

The Creative Village project, which comprises 68 acres of land, will be located near I-4 and Parramore, generally a low-income neighborhood. Frank Allen, the associate director of administrative services at UCF, was left questioning the safety of the location.

UCF Police Chief Richard Beary previously told the Central Florida Future that security would be a top priority if the state moves forward with the project.

"We're trying to gear up because, if the downtown campus is a go, we can't wait a year to put cops down there. We've got to have them down there before the doors open," Beary said.

UCF PD, he added, has a great working relationship with the Orlando Police Department. Some of its officers have previously worked on the OPD force.

Paul Lartonoix, UCF assistant vice provost, mentioned that transportation to and from the main campus and downtown campus has been taken into consideration. For students who wish to enroll at both campuses, there will be a bus for transportation between the two.

Lartonoix added that students will be able to walk from the downtown campus to the center of Downtown Orlando faster than they would be able to traverse the entire main campus.

The possibility of a recreation center to accompany the campus was also discussed at the forum, with the idea of putting the center on top of a parking garage.

Through the Creative Village, UCF also plans to provide residential units, retail, commercial, office spaces, a hotel, public parking, civic space and a K-12 space.


Anne Shirley Lewis is a Contributing Writer for the Central Florida Future.

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