Voting for the next student body president ends this Wednesday, but elections could very well extend into next week.

With three candidates vying for the position, Student Government Association Supervisor of Elections Nicklas Bajema said this year's presidential race may experience runoff elections.

"There's a greater chance of runoffs, because if all three parties get all thirds of the votes, they each get 33 percent, which isn't majority," SGA Comptroller Drew Ulloa explained. "Majority has to be 50 percent plus one vote, so depending on what happens, because there are three parties ... they have a greater chance of not actually going over 50 percent."

According to statutes, runoff elections would occur the week after primary elections between the top two candidates.

Students can vote on or at the SGA Election Commission tent outside the Student Union.

These will be the first presidential elections in which handing out free food and similar items is prohibited during campaigning. Instead of slices of pizza, students campaigning will only be allowed to hand out business cards, fliers and other promotional items. However, the Election Commission itself is permitted to hand out food.


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