Securing housing on campus may not be as easy as it once was for UCF students.

As the Summer A term comes to an end this Friday, UCF will begin to see an increase in residents for the Summer B term.

Compared with the 74 students living on campus for Summer A, UCF spokeswoman Zenaida Gonzalez Kotala said there are 2,022 residents booked for Summer B, with most living in the Hercules, Nike and Neptune dorms.

UCF has seen an increase in its number of students from last summer, when 70 residents lived in on-campus housing for Summer A, and 1,844 residents for Summer B.

"UCF offers many good options for students here on campus. We have been more active spreading the word this past year," Gonzalez Kotala said. "Being on campus also offers students convenience and the opportunity to get connected with the UCF community.

"We know from research that students who engage and feel connected tend to have a better college experience."

UCF is not only seeing an increase in its student population for the summer, but for the fall as well.

"We are at capacity for on-campus housing for the fall," Gonzalez Kotala said. "We have waiting lists going at this point."

Applications for fall 2015 on-campus housing have been accepted since October 2014, and even though housing is full, Gonzalez Kotala said students are still able to get on a standby list by visiting UCF's housing website and filling out the standby list form.

Although there is an apparent increase in UCF's student population, Gonzalez Kotala said UCF does not see a time in the near future when more housing will have to be added on campus.

In a previous State of the Union Address, UCF President John C. Hitt said the goal of this growth is not to be big, but to meet the demands and needs of Central Florida.

"Providing access to high-quality education to as many deserving and qualified students as we can is essential. Why? Because education transforms lives," Hitt said at the address. "A college degree has been, and continues to be, the single most important factor for a successful career — and a better future."


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