Each year, Orlando magazine compiles a list of the 50 most powerful and influential people in the city. Many with direct ties to UCF are featured on this year's list.

John C. Hitt
President Hitt ranks at No. 4 on the list. He was noted for the university's success since he became president in 1992.

Under President Hitt, UCF became the second-largest university in the nation. In addition to adding a medical school and holding an overall successful athletics program, he has developed a reputation in computer and technological research.

Harris Rosen
A hotelier and philanthropist, Harris Rosen sits at No. 9 on the list. Rosen was noted for the success of his seven hotels and for his philanthropic contributions.

UCF's hospitality management school, which bares his namesake, is often a recipient of Rosen's generosity. He was also recognized for the positive effects of his contributions to low-income community, Tangelo Park.

Alex Martins
Ranked as No. 12 on the list, Martins currently sits on UCF's Board of Trustees. He is the CEO of the Orlando Magic, but has been noted for his involvement in community service off the court.

In April, the Orlando Economic Development Commission honored Martins with the James B. Greene award for his efforts in contributing to the overall prosperity of Central Florida.

Rasesh Thakkar
Thakkar is a UCF alumnus who ranked as No. 15 on the list. He is the senior managing director of Tavistock Group and has been noted for his successes as a businessman and investor.

Thakkar rose to prominence in Lake Nona, home to UCF's medical school, where he drew more than $3 billion in investments for the areas development, which created more than 4,000 jobs within the past decade.

Marcos Marchena
A member of the UCF Board of Trustees and chairman of the UCF Finance and Facilities Committee, Marchena was ranked on the list as No. 26.

He is the general counsel for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, GOAA. In addition, he has been noted for GOAA's $3 billion expansion in the growing transportation market and negotiating a 50-year lease with the city so that it continues operations in both Orlando International and Orlando Executive airports.

Deborah German

Deborah German UCF's Vice President for Medical Affairs and the Founding Dean of the College of Medicine ranked as No. 40 on this year's list. She has been noted for growth and success of UCF's medical school under her leadership. According to Orlando magazine, the medical school's enrollment has increased tenfold within the past six years.


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