UCF will receive $900,000 in state funding to continue helping students in distressed communities pursue higher education.

The Center for Community Schools and Child Welfare Innovation, based at the College of Health and Public Affairs, is set to receive the funding in the new fiscal year, according to a press release. The proceeds will help the center to continue its work with Evans Community School and expand its outreach to other schools in Florida.

"We'll receive enough funding to award planning and first-year operational grants to schools interested in developing community schools," the center's director Dave Bundy said in the release. "The idea is to remove barriers and let children focus on learning."

The new funding will help the center fund schools to start online programs and with their first-year operational costs.

"We are happy to be able to partner with community organizations to help students succeed. Helping students attain a good education is a wise investment in our children and our future as a community," Bundy said in the release.

The Center for Community Schools and Child Welfare was established in 2014 by UCF, True Health, Orange County Public Schools and other community organizations.

The center created Evans Community School in 2012, with an aim to build more community schools that will eradicate the socioeconomic barriers that interfere with a students' success in learning.


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