The ex-UCF fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha has transformed into the Gazoni Family, a "no rules, no regrets" unregistered student organization. And the party frat has been quick to rub its newfound independence in the university's face.

Formerly one of UCF's oldest fraternities, the Gazoni Family had its charter revoked by the national organization in January. UCF spokeswoman Zenaida Gonzalez Kotala said the university supported this decision.

"We ultimately decided to persevere and not tolerate getting bullied by umbrella organizations such as Greek Council, UCF and Lambda Chi Nationals any longer," Yuval Mor, the acting president of the Gazoni Family, told the Huffington Post. "We organized ourselves back together merely days after our dismissal from the institution. That is basically how it started."

Mor declined to comment further at this time.

Since then, the group's Twitter has posted photo after photo of the members drinking, partying and often accompanied by bikini-clad women. Last week, the organization also tweeted a poster of the benefits of joining an unregistered student organization, which included being governed by the U.S. government instead of UCF's "Circus Court."

"UCF ... does not recognize Lambda Chi Alpha as a registered student organization, including a small group of students formerly in the chapter who call themselves the Gazoni Family," Gonzalez Kotala said. "We do not approve or support the online material used to promote this unregistered group of students.

"At UCF, we hold individuals and groups accountable when they represent themselves in contrast to our core values and standards. We take every opportunity to educate students about our core values across our campus and to address any inappropriate behavior that is potentially harmful or disruptive."

Among the listed benefits was unlimited house parties, which the Gazonis have certainly embraced, with ragers held at "the green house," an off-campus house not owned by UCF. And in April, they teamed up with I'm Shmacked, an entertainment platform that showcases party schools, to document a chapter in "UCF nightlife history." Again, the resulting video features students drinking and partying around Central Florida.

The Gazoni Family plans to hold an informal rush for fall.


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