The Orange County Sheriff's Office arrested James Joseph, 24, in connection with an armed robbery at The Marquee apartments near UCF.

On May 16, 25-year-old James Yawt, was allegedly lured into the complex's parking garage where he was pistol whipped and robbed.

Yawt , who owns a mobile auto repair business, had previously had a dispute with Joseph over an estimate. Yawt said he received a call from an unknown man saying his Toyota Corolla was overheating and needed to be fixed, according to the incident report.

Yawt told deputies the unknown man said his vehicle was located on the seventh floor of The Marquee parking garage and he would meet him at the entrance.

After picking up the unknown man at the garage entrance, Yawt headed to the seventh floor. Between the sixth and seventh floors, Yawt said a vehicle driven by Joseph cut him off and blocked him.

The unknown man then jumped out of Yawt's truck and began hitting him in the face with a black semi-auto-style pistol while saying, "You robbed my brother, so I'm going to rob you."

Yawt was ordered to empty his wallet, which contained $130, and hand over his iPhone 6.

Before the unknown man fled with Joseph, they told Yawt they would find his address through his license plate and shoot him if he ever called the police.

Emmanuel Perez, the victim's girlfriend's brother was sitting in Yawt's vehicle during the incident but was not threatened or harmed.

Police describe the unknown suspect to be a black man in his 20s, between 5-foot-8 and 6 feet, with a thin build and short hair. He was last seen wearing a dark shirt and tan cargo shorts.

Yawt told deputies he is willing to press charges and testify in court.

Yawt and Joseph are not UCF students. Check back for updates.


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